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Volta Volaré

Range of 1000 Nautic miles relying at 55% on the range-extender, listed range in electric only.

    356 551,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : Air Plane
  • Energy : Diesel Prolongateur d'autonomie
  • Power : 300 ch



Spyker comes back with Volta Volaré's wings!

We presented the project Volta Volaré in 2012, a series hybrid aircraft with a combustion engine used as generator.... The news may have been missed has it happened during the holidays but that company...

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Volta Volaré GT4: the hybrid aircraft Pipistrel Panthera already has a competitor!

While the world’s first 4-seater series hybrid aircraft Panthera made its official debut at the Aero 2012 just a few weeks ago, the Italian Volta Volaré raises the bar with panache. Its advanced aerodynamics...

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