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(VIDEO) Tokyo 2017: after the autonomous cars here are the electric motorcycles equipped with artificial intelligence!

The Tokyo Motor Show is the reference for new technologies, this year, Honda and Yamaha present two futuristic electric motorcycles that are self-balanced!   Yamaha MOTOROiD True proof of concept, this...

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(VIDEO) Frankfurt 2017: the show of the autonomous vehicle! IAA

This year, it seems that all the manufacturers are in tune and make us step into a future (not so far away) with autonomous concept-cars from Audi, Renault, Toyota, Smart, Honda, Jaguar... Going from today...

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(VIDEO) O-R3 an autonomous car and a drone, the new team of the Dubai Police

In addition to their supercars fleet the Dubai Police has just announced that they will be test a new tandem with an autonomous vehicle and a drone, a high-tech shock team dubbed O-R3!   Decidedly...

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UK- driverless cars: first tests in pedestrianised areas (VIDEO)

A British company has started testing 4O two-seat autonomous vehicles in pedestrianised areas in Milton Keynes not far from London. New tests in the United Kingdom Pedestrians are participating in the...

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(VIDEO) Uber partners with Volvo to bring autonomous cabs

This mid-August, Uber announced a partnership with the Swedish carmaker Volvo in order to make their car-sharing service the first to integrate autonomous technology within its vehicles. The two companies...

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(VIDEO) Renault's driverless car plan and tech

The French car brand has been designing prototypes of autonomous cars for several years now. We’ll explain everything you need to know about the research, project and sale of their futuristic car straight...

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(VIDEO) Chevrolet FNR: autonomous electric vehicle concept-car

To celebrate 10 years of the Chevrolet brand in China, the GM group houses two premieres at the Shanghai Motor Show, the new generation of Malibu, which will be available in hybrid but also the FNR concept,...

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(VIDEO) DriverlessCars, here is Google’s first prototype vehicle

A few days ago, Google announced that they chose the electric Chevy Spark for a pilot program, today the Internet Giant reveals another project, an electric car developed in-house!   The Spark’s program...

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(VIDEO) CES 2014: BMW presents the next generation autonomous car that drifts itself

While prototypes of autonomous cars begin to democratize among manufacturers and arrive on our roads, BMW which has always focused its communication on driving pleasure reveals prototypes in accordance...

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Zoé Next Two, Renault’s autonomous vehicle due for 2018!

After presenting a prototype of Fluence with driving assist technologies PAMU (urban mobility platform) designed to revolutionize car-sharing and developed in partnership with the Council of the Yvelines...

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