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Noordung Angel Edition: Is e-bike perfection

We like to introduce you to high-end electric bicycles both for their technology or style with designs always more elegant or inventive .. Here, clearly, we are at the top of the top at all levels!     The...

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KSR TTX, an electric scooter for the price of a bike - price € 1,599

The market for electric two-wheelers is trusted by the electric bicycles (pedelecs) in Europe, thanks mostly to its price, more attractive than electric scooters, which usually start at around € 4,000...

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Electric bikes- Greyp G12H: Rimac’s new bike has a 250 km range(VIDEO)

Numerous brands are constantly trying to transform the way and means we use to travel within our cities, and it’s Rimac who is at the invented an electric bike of 250 km range, the Greyp G12H who managed. The...

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(VIDEO) Ease smart e-bike kit by TUM Create

On several occasions we have presented simple electrification kits to transform your classic bike in electric bike / pedelec, we also follow closely the Technical University of Munchen (TUM Create) which...

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Get a glimpse of the future with Schaeffler’s futuristic four-wheeled e-bike!

Schaeffler is always on the look out for visionary concepts to bring into life.  Known for its innovative approach in designing, the company introduced a four-wheeled bio-hybrid e-bike last March. The...

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The “Super 73” Electric bike takes us back into the 70s

Here is a project from Lithium Cylces which is now financed on Kickstarter. With 1000 watt of power, “the Super 73” is a powerfull electric bike that packs plenty of "hip" functionalities, SoCal way! The...

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(VIDEO) Piaggio launches two electric bikes - Piaggio Wi-Bike

We introduced their electric bike prototype unveiled at the 2014 EICMA Show, Piaggio seek to take market shares in the electric bike market with its Wi-bike Since the concept they have evolved and offer...

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(VIDEO) Kosynier electric bikes with vintage Harley looks

As you know, we have a very pronounced taste for design electric bikes, here is the Kosynier project pedelecs and ebikes with vintage look, assembled by hand by artisans from locally manufactured parts...

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Electric bicycle kit: Go-e bike, removable and easy to install

The Austrian company OnWheel presents on KickStarter an electrification system for your bike that relies on a roller technology such as the good old Solex! We already presented Rubee a kit "all in one"...

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(VIDEO) Urban Rush, the future of electric bikes

Urban Rush is the project of the designer Florian Mayer who imagined for the brand Canyon an ideal electric bike for urban cyclists!     Starting from the fact that the urban cyclist spends only 15%...

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