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250Watt motor, maximum range listed in kickscooter use, 35km in electric only, 36V and 20Ah, 728Wh battery

    2 845,00 €

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  • Type : 2 Wheels NIV Kick scooter
  • Energy : Electrique Humaine
  • Power : 1 ch
  • Torque : 65 Nm





With its 12 inches wheels this kickscooter can be carried with a strap, the height of the steering wheel is adjutsable on 10cm, 24 color combo to choose from, 3 for the frame, 4 for the deck, 2 for the wheels!  

    280,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : 2 Wheels Kick scooter


Moneghette_EV_kickscooter 3.jpg

Electric SuperKickscooter: the 100kph Moneghette!

Here is the raciest and certainly fastest electric kickscooter, an unidentified rolling object designed by Eduard Bockaj, a project born to move itself, therefore he created the electric kickscooter of...

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eKick Studio Photos COMM 003.jpg

e-Kick electric kickscooter by Peugeot

At the occasion of the launch of the new 3008, Peugeot unveiled an electric kickscooter developed in partnership with Micro - more than a prototype, it is a vehicle that will be launched for the end of...

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Mini_Citysurfer (2).jpg

(VIDEO) LA Auto Show: Mini’s latest vehicle is an electric scooter

The brand Mini is the most urban and lifestyle in the automotive landscape, as its always funnier and sporty versions of the city car prove it, but the brand is also thinking of the last miles with this...

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(VIDEO) Scrooser : Iconic kickscoot on kickstart - electric motor as bonus

You know the principle of the pedelec, the electric motor boosts your effort when you push on the pedals. The Scrooser is based on the same principle with an electric assistance that stops at 25kph - on...

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(VIDEO) Kick France 2013 the Tour de France on a footbike

Here the idea of a Czech collective of professional footbikers, they decided to do exactly the same route as the cyclists of the Tour de France but one day in advance!This year in its 100th edition, the...

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(VIDEO) Leev Jack, an electric scooter turning to crowdfunding for mass production

After the Mantys, an electric mobility solution specifically designed for golfers with four wheels and a tilting technology to assist you in your 18 holes, the Dutch company Leev has developed a second...

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(VIDEO) Samsonite Scooter - Micro Scootcase - the perfect hand luggage

Here is an object that isn’t exactly a novelty (released in 2011) but - because of the democratization of this means of transportation at all ages and the real need it meets - deserves to be put back on...

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(VIDEO) Egret One: at last an affordable, compact electric scooter

The successful return of kick-scooters is undeniable, yet the electric versions of these machines do not grow on trees...Indeed, until now they were too bulky and too expensive, like the Go-Ped -that however...

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(VIDEO) BeKane: an hydrogen scooter achieves a record range of 350km

This month, an electric scooter on 3 wheels -modified to run on hydrogen- broke the world record of range in both time and distance in the streets of Paris with 365km covered in 19h. A French project led...

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(VIDEO) Bmw i8 Spyder: the convertible hybrid sports-car comes with electric scooters (eDrive)

Article from March 31st updated with videos of the BMW i8 Concept SpyderRumors announced it, BMW has just revealed the first drawings of the i8 convertible version. A model that will be making its world...

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