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Weekend news - Hybrid Rav4 // Daimler Streamliner // Electric Tricycle Johanson3

Hybrid Rav4 presented tomorrow in New York After the new Lexus RX already expected in New York, Toyota announces the RAV4 Hybrid. After the electric RAV4, Toyota’s small SUV gets a hybrid version that...

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Latest developments of the electric tricycle Twike (TW4XP) - up to 500 km of range!

At the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Swiss brand Twike which offering electrified tricycles/velomobiles presents the latest evolution of their work.The Twike is an electric tricycle that is based on the...

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(VIDEO) Terra Motors launches the e-tricycle, e-scooter to come by year-end

We introduced Terra Motors last November, a Japanese company specializing in the development of light electric vehicles and aiming to gain some market share in the Philippines and Vietnam with its electric...

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(VIDEO) Single person vehicle: meet Scuddy, a new electric tricycle

Here's the Scuddy an electric trike with a balance system on the front wheels, it has been invented by two German engineers, foldable and powerful the Scuddy is worth the look!Folded, it looks like a small...

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Matra presents an electric trike prototype

Building on the success of its electric bike range, Matra MS continues to innovate with its range of electric scooters and just introduced a new prototype of electric tricycle designed an utility vehicle.The...

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(VIDEO) Trike drift : gets much more fun –and fast- with an in-wheel electric motor!

You probably remember the trike drifters, a downhill hobby with tricycles.Some fans of the genre have decided to take it seriously and developed a powerful electric trike that is easier to drift and on...

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(VIDEO) Organic Transit Elf... an electrically assisted tricycle equipped with solar panels

This electrically assisted tricycle coming from the United States is fitted with solar panels on its roof, enough to extend the mobility of the vehicle...We see them emerge in the streets of our cities....

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(VIDEO) Trike drifting, part 3

Trike is for children, and for older daredevil!Because promoting eco-friendly mobility is also about highlighting ways to see it differently and all the offbeat trends, notably in leisure use ...Here is...

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(VIDEO) New images of the electric tricycle by Green Lord Motors

After a first reveal three weeks ago, here's a new video of the electric three-wheeler prototype developed (among others) by Green Lord Motors.Sign that the developments for a 2012 launch are ongoing…For...

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(VIDEO) 90kph on a tricycle

Almost a year ago we presented the drifters in tricycles, a leisure already relatively extreme here is the tricycle downhill with speeds going up to 90kph (55mph)...The lack of brakes (only one in front)...

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