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(VIDEO) Personal Mobility Device : Walkcar is a MacBook with wheels

Always on the lookout for new vehicles and new inventions, we regularly present personnal mobility devices, whether they serve for the last mile logistics, helping to develop intermodality, or more likely...

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"ILY-A" a transformer single person mobility device

The company Aisin Seiki and the Chiba Institute of Technology recently presented a single-person electric mobility device that can take 4 different shapes!   This electric transporter is a single person...

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(VIDEO) InMotion SCV R1 - a new personal transportation device @CES

The Segway paved the way for single-person self-balanced vehicles (via gyroscopes) since, other companies followed, smaller or larger, even Toyota believes in this new personal mobility with the Winglets!Here...

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(VIDEO) Personal transportation vehicles X-Robot at Interbike 2013

At the Interbike Bicycle Show in Las Vegas, a Chinese company, Shanghai New Century presented personal transportation vehicles (branded X-Robot), which draw heavily on models and concepts already presented...

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(VIDEO) Ziesel, electric awesomeness with snow tracks

The Austrian company Mattro Mobility Revolutions founded in 2006 has developed a unique vehicle called Ziesel, a single-person transportation device designed for off-road use, including snow. It consists...

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(VIDEO) Hyundai E4U – an egg as single person vehicle

Do not see a link with Easter or April 1st, that concept really exists - Hyundai has revealed this funny machine at the Seoul Motor Show. In addition to its unusual egg shape that surprises at first glance,...

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(VIDEO) Single person vehicle: meet Scuddy, a new electric tricycle

Here's the Scuddy an electric trike with a balance system on the front wheels, it has been invented by two German engineers, foldable and powerful the Scuddy is worth the look!Folded, it looks like a small...

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(VIDEO) SSIKE a simple and affordable single person electric vehicle

The market of single person electric transportation is relatively large but they are often expensive or not easy to handle, here is a new alternative, the SSIKE.It works without using gyroscopes – with...

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