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(VIDEO) Tokyo 2017: after the autonomous cars here are the electric motorcycles equipped with artificial intelligence!

The Tokyo Motor Show is the reference for new technologies, this year, Honda and Yamaha present two futuristic electric motorcycles that are self-balanced!   Yamaha MOTOROiD True proof of concept, this...

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2017 Tokyo Auto Show, a self-balanced electric motorcycle and a world first electric sports-car

The Tokyo Motor Show is obviously the reference show for Japanese manufacturers and while they presented us their Honda Urban EV concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in world premiere, it is two world first...

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Tokyo 2015, the Leaf's future is autonomous and has 60kWh range - Nissan IDS

While a test fleet of autonomous Leaf has been launched in Japan and that the 2015 version of the Leaf announces 26% more range at 250km, it is a concept-car that foreshadows the evolution of the brand...

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Tokyo 2015, this EV roadster is fitted with Artificial Intelligence!

As always the Tokyo Motor Show is the playground of Japanese manufacturers to introduce the most innovative and inventive concepts! Mitsubishi will present a technology demonstrator called Emirai 3 xAUTO...

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(VIDEO) TE-S800 - a plug-in hybrid roadster for tuning fans at the Tokyo Auto Salon

TE-S800 is a roadster prototype created by the Toyota Engineering Society that has just been revealed on the Tokyo Auto Salon, after the concepts TES-ERA and Minute-S, TES surprises once again with a desirable...

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Kawasaki J urban electric 3-wheeler transforms as a sport bike - showcases the Gigacell technology

Update of November 22nd with a videoOn the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Kawasaki presented a demonstrator of electric vehicle with three wheels, a high-tech concept to house and present their nickel metal battery...

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(VIDEO) Suzuki at the Tokyo Motor Show three concept cars and a mini electric motorcycle Extrigger

Update of October 30th article with videosAt the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show that opens its doors in late November Suzuki will introduce many new models and concepts on four or two wheels, we will focus on three...

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(VIDEO) Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota shows tomorrow’s Prius (FCV Concept) and an urban microcar

Update of November 5th article with videos of the conceptsAt its launch the Prius was ahead of its time in terms of design and powertrain, with the FCV concept, Toyota insists on its willingness to launch...

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(VIDEO) Tokyo: electric motorcycles for Yamaha and a modular monocoque powertain - Smart Power Module

Update of November 9th article with a video of the Yamaha PES1 prototypeThe info could have emerged from the EICMA show, but Yamaha chose its native country to present prototypes of electric bikes and...

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Tokyo 2013 : VW Twin-Up – plug-in diesel hybrid Up - world’s Most frugal city car on the way

Update of November 10 article with the official pictures and figuresAfter plug-in hybrid studies TwinDrive, VW reveals a diesel plug-in hybrid version of its Up city car at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, the...

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