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Metrocab Taxi



1liter petrol range-extender, 2 x 50kW electric motors

  • Type : 4 Wheels Utility vehicles Van
  • Power : 136 ch



(VIDEO) Electric boat: SeaBubbles, after Paris, Geneva interested in the water taxis

The SeaBubbles electric shuttles are a French project led by Alain Thébault who holds the speed record on a sailboat: 50 knots with the hydrofoil! And while the final prototypes are being tested, SeaBubbles...

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TUM Create_EVA.jpg

(VIDEO) TUM Create EVA is the electric taxi capitals need

During the EV Taiwan Show in 2013, we presented  the TUM Create University and their concept of electric scooter but the university based in Singapore was also working on a project of much larger scale,...

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European commission chooses chinese electric taxis

BYD has won a call for bids from the European Commission to provide 50 electric vehicles to transport the officials, overtaking the Renault-Nissan alliance!    The alliance had yet some cards in hands,...

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(VIDEO) Amsterdam’s airport gets 167 Tesla Model S as taxis!

Amsterdam’s Airport Schiphol wants to set the benchmark in terms of ecology and has launched a fleet of 167 electric taxis, and to make sure clients and drivers welcome the service in the best of ways,...

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TUM EVA a solution for taxis in urban areas – Fast charging electric taxi

During our visit to the EV Taiwan Show we had the opportunity to meet the TUM Create teams who then shared with us their next project, an electric taxi with a large autonomy and a battery technology (mainly...

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(VIDEO) TUM CREATE presents an innovative electric scooter in Taiwan – promises an electric Taxi for Tokyo

Update of April 10th article with a new video and some correctionsYou probably remember the MUTE / Visio.M project initiated by the Technical University of Munich (TUM), know that they also have an Asian...

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(VIDEO) BYD e6 electric taxi catches fire after an accident in Shenzhen, kills 3 people

400 BYD e6 electric MPV are currently in service in the city of Shenzhen as part of a pilot project conducted by the manufacturer and the city. This morning, around 3am a Nissan GT-R was speeding on the...

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VW London electric Taxi concept

After the taxi Berlin and Milano, VW reveals its last concept the Taxi London, based on the space up which enters production next yearThis new version of the electric 3 seater has been designed to meet...

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