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Taurus Electro G4



  • Type : Air NIV Plane Glider
  • Energy : Electrique
  • Power : 197 ch



(VIDEO) 2011 Green Flight Challenge: Pipistrel wins $ 1.35 million with the Taurus G4

The largest prize in the history of aviation has been awarded to the Slovenian company Pipistrel who won the 2011 Green Flight Challenge. The second team, the eGenius wins $ 120,000. The bar of the Challenge...

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(VIDEO) Already 50hours of Flight for the Pipistrel Taurus G4

As an opening to the NASA CAFE Green Flight Challenge, which starts this weekend, we propose, through the brand Pipistrel an overview of what to expect from this amazing competition in which the winner...

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(VIDEO) Oshkosh 2011: first flight of the Pipistrel Taurus G4

On May 9, we presented the first images of this electric UFO that welcomes 4 people in two separate cockpits. The G4 Electro just made its first public flight demonstration yesterday in the U.S. during...

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Pipistrel develops a 2+2 electric UFO, the Taurus G4

After the Taurus Electro G2 and the project Panthera, Pipistrel is determined to make some noise with their electric aircraft.Their latest prototype, which required two years of preparation and development;...

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