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2000Watt in peak 4 drive modes: Starter - ECO - Custom - Sport Controled via an app

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(VIDEO) A skateboard powered by 3D printed electric ducted fans is 9000watt of awesomeness

Here is a project highly innovative, original and dangerous !! A skateboard powered by two electric ducted fans with a total power output of 9000Watt   The name of its designers: Hacksmith Industries...

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(VIDEO) Mellow board, recycle your old board in an electric skateboard

While we presented just a few hours NGV’s record board with a technology adaptable to any truck, here is another solution by Mellow Board, this time, we just have to change the truck to electrify your...

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(VIDEO) 95kph in electric skateboard - Mischo Erban!

We already talked about Mischo Erban with a speed record on video, this time it's on the flat with an electric skateboard from NGV Nextboard that the Canadian rider smashes a record!   The Slovenian...

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(VIDEO) OneWheel electric skateboard: the closest you can get to the overboard in 2014

Here is another project that seeks to raise funds on kickstarter, as its name suggests the Onewheel has only one wheel but oversized 6.5 by 11.5 inches - placed in the center of a skateboard.It is powered...

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(VIDEO) New world speed record in skateboard, 129.94kph!

Mischo Erban broke the world record speed in skateboard (standing), this week he exceeded the 129kph threshold. The record took place in Canada on the road of "Les Eboulements" going down to the St Lawrence...

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(VIDEO)ZBoard: an intuitive electric skateboard, without remote control

Electric skateboards are not new in the world of mobility, they have been around for many years but are still equipped with a remote allowing to manage braking and accelerator... At least that was true...

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Scarpar E-PSB, the electric all terrain Skateboard

Introducing a new entrant in the Non Identified Vehicle (NIV) in the database, the Scarpar E-PSB, a powerful all-terrain skateboard fitted with tracks.While the first video has been released in early 2009,...

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DTV Shredder, the powerfull off-road skateboard

Ben Gulak 22 years old is already famous in the inventor’s world.After the Uno Bike three ago the guy just did it again.This time, the vehicle is an extreme motorized skateboard called the DTV Shredder....

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