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Retrofit of combsution Twingo

    8 700,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : 4 Wheels Compact
  • Energy : Electrique



Cezeta 506, the new retro electric scooter

Cezeta’s brand has revealed its new model of scooter, with vintage design and a clean technology, that will be producted soon. Before, it can be reserved on Cezeta’s website. Its initial prototype had...

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Marguerite_EV_2CV (2).jpg

COP21 special a 2Cv converted to electric - Green Classic

If you do not live in Paris "4 roues sous un parapluie" probably tells you nothing but this company founded by Florent Dargnies offers since 12 years tours of Paris in the legendary 2CV, a retro experience...

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(VIDEO) Green-classic, the FluxCapacitor is the fastest electric car in Europe!

This happens in England, the English automotive journalist and presenter Jonny Smith (Fifth Gear) gave himself a challenge, turn a small electric car sold in the 70s, the Enfield 8000, to a record beater...

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Zombie222 (2).jpg

(VIDEO) Green classic: this 800hp electric Mustang is for sale

Here is the return of the green-classic section with an 800hp electric Ford Mustang, the Zombie 222, a 1968 Mustang Fastback that serves as demonstrator for Bloodshed Motors leaving way behind the V8 muscle-cars...

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Green Classic : EV West electrifies all the sexiest oldtimers

The US company EV West is mainly known for their electric M3 that participated in Pikes Peak or their high-power buggy which tackled the Baja1000 with such a know-how we had to hear about them again!The...

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(Green Classic) Motoplan the microcar & cylinder car that was worth $ 100,000!

In 1957 a German engineer Carl Jurisch invented the Motoplan, an avant-garde single-person car, he was actually convinced that it was the vehicle of the future, personal and compact!Carl Jurisch’s Motoplan...

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KLD Technologies will introduce a retro-styled electric pickup the Kombi by CenntroMotors!

KLD Technologies is an American company that develops drivetrain solutions for electric vehicle, we had already met them at the Milan EICMA with an electric scooter, the Eclimo EB25 with a sleek and sporty...

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Green classic : Amectran Exar-1, Tesla in the 80’s

In 1981 Edmond X. Ramirez decided to create the "The World's First Real Production-Ready Electronic Powered Automobile", with innovative design and manufacturing, unfortunately only a few units were built,...

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Green Classic: first electric Golf, the Golf II CityStromer

Volkswagen is one of the first manufacturers of the late 20th century to have offered an electric model in its range. Flash-back on the 1989 Golf II CityStromer.Produced to only a hundred units, the first...

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(VIDEO) Retro Electro Apache 1958, a vintage electric pickup

The Canadian brewer has a fleet of 10 vintage vehicles but one of them is a bit greener than the others "better faster cleaner," Retro Electro is a 1958 Apache pick-up converted to electric. The conversion...

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