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Preliminary data before the car's official reveal at the 2016 Paris Auto Show

  • Type : 4 Wheels Van
  • Power : 204 ch
  • Torque : 360 Nm



Pariss Electric

Optional range extender for up to 700km range

    80 000,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : 4 Wheels Coupe Sport
  • Energy : Electrique
  • Power : 240 ch
  • Torque : 400 Nm


DS_X_ETENSE (2).jpg

DS at the 2018 Paris Auto Show, four world premieres, four electric!

At the 2018 Paris Motor Show, DS presents in world first four electrified models, the DS3Crossback an urban SUV that will be offered in full electric, the DS7Crossback E-Tense 4x4 with a hybrid petrol...

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(VIDEO) The first autonomous cab in Paris by NAVYA

With the success of their autonomous shuttle the NAVYA SHUTTLE which counts no less than 50 shuttles in Europe, the United States or in Asia on private sites: mainly factories or central for example, it...

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(VIDEO) Electric boat: SeaBubbles, after Paris, Geneva interested in the water taxis

The SeaBubbles electric shuttles are a French project led by Alain Thébault who holds the speed record on a sailboat: 50 knots with the hydrofoil! And while the final prototypes are being tested, SeaBubbles...

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COUP Paris 3.jpg

"Coup", competition for Cityscoot in Paris

Cityscoot was launched last year, this self-service electric scooter scheme in Paris has gradually grown to offer 1000 scooters over the city. It will be joined by the end of the month by COUP, another...

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The Sea Bubbles : innovative battery-driven vehicles navigating on the water in Paris next June

One year after their creation, Sea Bubbles covered some distance. These futuristic battery-driven vehicles "flying" over the water are being tested and should navigate the Seine from next June. Attractive,...

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Renault_TREZOR (2).jpg

(VIDEO) 2016 Paris Motor Show : Zoe with a 400km range and the concept TREZOR

Update of yesterday's article with the first official images and video of the Renault TREZOR and confirmation of the Zoe 40 That is the press days today of the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Renault announces...

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Smart ED 2017.jpg

2016 Paris Auto Show: new Smart Electric Drive - in 2 and 4 seats

The new Smart launched this year and designed in partnership with Renault (that offers the Twingo based on the same platform) will receive a new electrified version Smart Electric Drive and more specifically...

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VW_EV_concept (4).jpg

2016 Paris Auto Show: VW's EV Concept car

  Update of August 30th article with the first images of Volkswagen's electric concept car exepcted for the 2016 Paris Auto Show   Volkswagen (VW) is still haunted by the « DieselGate » scandal, but...

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Paris Auto Show 2016: the Hyundai Ioniq hybrid from 225€ per month

Hyundai announced on the 6th of September that the IONIQ would be present at the Parisian Auto Show in three versions; hybrid, 100% electric et rechargeable hybrid. The hybrid version of the IONIQ will...

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Lexus UX.jpg

2016 Paris Auto Show Lexus UX a 3 doors NX

Always looking to attract a young and dynamic target Lexus will  be presenting at the 2016 Paris Auto Show a SUV coupé a bit like the Range Rover Evoque, a concept called Lexus UX.     After the NX300h...

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