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(VIDEO) Shell Project M a carbon fiber micro city-car with a Smart ForTwo engine

Shell has revealed a technology demonstrator, a very efficient micro city car developed in partnership with Gordon Murray     Shell emphasizes the efficiency of gasoline engines for many years with...

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E-Car 333, an electric microcar with three wheels from Belgium!

During the Brussels Auto Show, the Company E-Car 333 has revealed an electric three-seater microcar with three wheels in pre-series version!   Belgian and durable construction Its designer Xavier Van...

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Dongfeng starts the production of an electric microcar - Aeolus E30

The Chinese brand Dongfeng - owned by the government as most of the local manufacturers - just started the production of an electric city car called Aeolus E30 which is also available in "long" version,...

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(VIDEO) Yamaha MOTIV.e – an electric microcar in partnership with Gordon Murray

We presented the two wheelers that Yamaha was announcing for the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show a few weeks ago... But today we learn that the Japanese brand still had a surprise announcement, an electric citycar,...

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Renault Twizy to face some english born competiton (T25 and T27 city-car)

The brilliant designer/inventor Gordon Murray sold the plans of his micro city-cars T25 and T27 to an anonymous manufacturer, for a launch expected within two to three years!The former director of McLaren...

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(VIDEO) Geneva 2013 : Colibri by IMA, 120kph, 110km range one seater EV revealed, priced under €9000

The Colibri (Hummingbird) is an electric microcar revealed by the company Innovative Mobility Automobile or IMA on its stand at the 2013 Geneva show, with a size comparable to the Renault Twizy, it offers...

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(VIDEO) PSA to produce a micro EV soon? Update of the VéLV

Initially presented at the ADEME forum in 2011, the concept of small urban electric vehicle by PSA, the VéLV has been revealed in a “close to production” version during the Innovation Days organized by...

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Catecar, the micro electric car with range extender from Switzerland

Vehicle created in the framework of the project « Swiss Green High Tech Urban Vehicle » the first Catecar prototype started initial tests tested Catecar from today on the tarmac of Geneva airport.Integrator...

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VW Scooter, 1986’s microcar

Here is a cool curiosity, a prototype of three-wheeler introduced by VW in 1986. Powered by a 90hp 1.4l engine it was able to reach 220kph, with a weight of only 635kg and a drag coefficient of 0.25, the...

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And if BMW designed an electric micro-car (BMW i1)

Pure product of a designer’s imagination or actual project for the brand?Too early to tell if the extension of the range "i" is already on the agenda ...But these initial renderings are quite interesting,...

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