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i30 BlueDrive




  • Type : 4 Wheels Compact
  • Power : 128 ch
  • Torque : 260 Nm





Price announced under 40.000€, range listed in NEDC cycle, from to 130 to 160km estimated in daily use. Up to 300km with the range-extender

    40 000,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : 4 Wheels Compact
  • Energy : Electrique
  • Power : 170 ch
  • Torque : 250 Nm


Everyn_BMWi3EVO (7).jpg

BMW i3 Evo by Everyn, when the i3 becomes a headturner showcar

The Japanese tuner Everyn - Energy Motorsport specialized in BMWs has revealed an i3 EVO transforming the electric city car - and its already futuristic design- in a sporty and racy beast!    The front-end...

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Future electric Audi's, competitors for the BMW i3 and Tesla

While rumors were running on an Audi offensive for electric vehicles with no less than 10 models within 5 years, we now discover the two first models (in addition to the R8 e-tron obviously), two electric...

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Electric Mercedes B-Class, more power to compete with the BMW i3

At the end of 2012 on the Paris Show, Mercedes revealed a prototype of its versatile compact car / MPV B-Class in an electric version that followed the hydrogen prototype called F- Cell.The year 2014 marks...

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(VIDEO) BMW i3, official reveal price from € 34,990

Update of April 22nd article with official images, videos and new detailsThe price of the electric compact-car in the premium and german style is now official, the BMW i3 whose arrival n showrooms and...

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A e-tron: Audi prepping an answer to the BMW i3 (e-Up by Audi)?

VW’s electric compact-car, the e-Up was unveiled a few weeks ago and it is rumored that Audi could use the platform to offer a premium variant, direct competitor of the BMW i3.Indeed, Audi is synonymous...

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Geneva 2013, series BMW i3 to be revealed (+specs with range extender)

BMW will officially present the production version of its i3 electric car at the Geneva Motor Show next March for a launch before the end of the year, and confirmed its specs sheet!This is a good news...

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(VIDEO) BMW i3 - still not priced but a date of arrival in showrooms!

While the final price or even the production version of the BMW i3 is still not known, BMW announced that the car would already in showrooms (in France) on the 16 November 2013.The compact electric car...

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(VIDEO) 2012 LA Auto Show: BMWi’s new Concept is a i3 Coupe

Update of November 27th article with videosBMW had officially announced a new BMW i concept for the Los Angeles Auto Show and rumors were talking about a BMW i4 but finally it is a coupe version of the...

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The Price of the Bmw i3 gets more and more official!

Since the reveal of the concept cars, rumors on the price of BMWi’s electric vehicles are on of the most wanted information...The price of the BMW i3 gradually becoming clearer, after the interview with...

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BMW iPedelec: a foldable electric bike for the i3

We had already noticed in the reveal of the BMWi8 Spyder in Beijing that two electric kick-scooters were placed in the trunk, however no intention of production was announced, which will likely (and hopefully)...

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