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Tokyo 2013 : VW Twin-Up – plug-in diesel hybrid Up - world’s Most frugal city car on the way

Update of November 10 article with the official pictures and figuresAfter plug-in hybrid studies TwinDrive, VW reveals a diesel plug-in hybrid version of its Up city car at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, the...

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(VIDEO) NAIAS 2013: VW CrossBlue, diesel plug-in hybrid 6-seater SUV

Live from Detroit, a new German concept-car, Volkswagen presents the CrossBlue.The CrossBlue is Volkswagen‘s new diesel plug-in hybrid SUV, this concept will fit directly in the current line up above the...

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(VIDEO) Citroen DS9: first PHEV of the brand (petrol or hybrid)

After the first spy images, the public revelation of the concept car that foreshadows the new flagship of the brand took place yesterday. Here are the official pictures and information on the vehicle that...

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(VIDEO) Diesel plug-in hybrid SUV: VW Cross Coupe 1.8l/100km and 46 g/km!

Presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011, Volkswagen reveals more details about their concept Cross Coupe including the diesel hybrid powertrain that will power the vehicle. Better than the Prius PHEV...

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(VIDEO) Volvo V60 Plug-In: world’s first plug-in hybrid diesel vehicle set for 2012 launch

In February 2011 Volvo revealed a V60 plug-in offering emissions below 50 g/kmA 4WD hybrid diesel (similar to PSA’s HYbrid4 technology) but with improved environmental performance through a larger battery...

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(VIDEO) The Range_e, plug-in diesel hybrid in motion

You can find details on the previous article written on February 16th.

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(VIDEO) Volvo V60 Diesel Plug-in hybrid: 49g/km and 1.9l/100

Volvo has revealed details of its V60 Plug-In, an hybrid prototype which is a preview of the series version due to arrive at dealerships in 2012. Besides the technical features already announced in the...

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