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Passenger Drone

Listed empty weight is including batteries, 20 to 25 minutes flying range

  • Type : Air Drone


AR Drone



Quadricopter, two video camera, open-source program. To use with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. 12 minutes range, automatic take-off and landing. Augmented reality games…

    300,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : Air Fun Drone
  • Energy : Electrique



(VIDEO) Passenger Drone, a new air taxi revealed!

While car manufacturers are launched in the race to the autonomous car, it is perhaps in the air that the transport revolution will take place with passenger drones, here is the latest one by the company...

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(VIDEO) O-R3 an autonomous car and a drone, the new team of the Dubai Police

In addition to their supercars fleet the Dubai Police has just announced that they will be test a new tandem with an autonomous vehicle and a drone, a high-tech shock team dubbed O-R3!   Decidedly...

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(VIDEO) Ehang184 - taxi drones are arriving from 2017 in DUBAI

In January 2016 we presented you a passenger drone, the Ehang184, it was then only a concept but the team was very ambitious .. So much so that barely a year later they announce first flights In Dubai...

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(VIDEO) Hey dude how about some Dronesurfing!

No electric boat to tow you, switch to the drone! How to combine great pics and video and green (towed) surfing ? Freefly has the solution for you!     Manufacturer of high-tech drones, the company...

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(VIDEO) Manned drone Ehang 184, the future of mobility?

While all kinds of drones are sold worldwide some companies are already seeing forward with manned drones or  single person aircrafts such as in the concept e-volo or Hirobo, the company Ehang is now also...

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(VIDEO) GeoDrone: French Post tests delivery drones

After the hydrogen quadricycles MobyPost that we presented last September, the French Post continues to innovate and tests delivery drones. More specifically it is the subsidiary GeoPost (express mail)...

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(VIDEO) Malloy Aero works on an hover-bike, produces a test Drone to keep you waiting!

Remember, in 2011 we introduced the Chris Malloy's flying motorcycle, originally fitted with two ducted propellers and a gasoline engine, thanks to kickstarter the project goes on and they just launched...

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(VIDEO) Renault Kwid, a bodybuilded Captur shows-up at Delhi’s Auto Expo with its own drone

On the New Delhi Auto Expo which opens its doors this week, Renault unveils a compact sedan – or more likely SUV - named Kwid.The Renault Kwid concept was designed in partnership with Renault Design India...

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(VIDEO) Chip Yates switches to Aircraft, doesn‘t forget speed records

We introduced the FlightoftheCentury project in May and their crazy idea of a transatlantic flight with an electric aircraft that would be recharged by UAV batteries. Before the development of the IREF...

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