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(VIDEO) Nissan BladeGlider the Deltawing in road legal and electric

After having put an engine in the Deltawing - a race car prototype designed for endurance races – and after the ZEOD RC, the unprecedented profile of the car seems to strongly interest the Nippon brand,...

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(VIDEO) 12 hours of Sebring 2013: Audi dominates, unlucky DeltaWing, engine failure and white smoke!

The first ALMS race took place this weekend, a warm-up that sets the tone for the coming races, especially regarding the highly anticipated Toyota - Audi duel and also the (new) beginning for DeltaWing...

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2013 DeltaWing , new engine and new look

Nissan was the main sponsor of the DeltaWing -an innovative race car imagined by Don Panoz with Highcroft Racing that became DeltaWing Racing Cars since- apparently, they withdrawn from the project, no...

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(VIDEO) DeltaWing crashes during testing at Petit Le Mans

For its return to competition, the DeltaWing had another accident, after the 24 hours of Le Mans, it is at the Petit Le Mans (Road Atlanta) that the prototype crashed, once again, no error from Nissan’s...

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(VIDEOS) 24h o0f Le Mans: Audi wins, hybrids triumph, focus on Toyota and Deltawing

After the crash of Davidson with the TS030 #8 around 8pm yesterday, there was one Toyota left in the race, due to mechanical problems, Audi had a clear field for the end of the race.  Nonetheless Audi...

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Watch out Nissan, Top Gear readies a Westfield-based Deltawing

TopGear’s (brilliant) provocateurs are back, this time with a Westfield Deltawing.This prototype will keep the engine and the original structure of the car.It will be fitted with aerodynamic elements that...

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(VIDEO) Nissan Deltawing testing at Sebring

After the official reveal of the Nissan Deltawing on March 14 the car just completed a series of test a Sebring Raceway. Now that this wek of test has been completed, the Deltawing now is on its way to...

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(VIDEO) Nissan Deltawing: partnership for the most efficient gasoline race car

The Deltawing developed by Highcroft Racing has just formalized a strategic partnership with the manufacturer Nissan that will offer to the prototype "Garage 56" of 2012 Le Mans an efficient 4 cylinder...

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(VIDEO) DeltaWing - Project 56 by Highcroft Racing revealed in Atlanta

This efficient race car which is probably the future of racing in Atlanta has been revealed during the "Petit Le Mans".We already presented the project on June 9th, instead of increasing as always, the...

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(VIDEO) The Deltawing, the future of racing, number 56 at the 2012 Le Mans

We often speak of electric cars as the future of racing because we think we have seen and tried everything on the basis of internal combustion engines.But the innovation capacity of engineers will always...

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