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ACCIONA EcoPowered Dakar 05.jpg

(VIDEO) Electric car for the Dakar by ACCIONA

Several Rallye cars in electric or hybrid have been presented as the 207 S2000 Rally-e, Tim Coronel's buggy or the Oscar EO - until now none had enough range for an entire race as the Dakar - but the Spanish...

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Dakar 2012: OscarEO the only hybrid vehicle catches up!

We won’t present the Oscar EO (after 3 previous articles), but let’s have a look to its performances in the 2012 Dakar. This range-extender hybrid 4x4, has been specially developed by a Latvian team (Osc)...

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(VIDEO) Dakar 2012: OscarEO and McRae 4x2 Electric Buggy on their way to Buenos Aires

Just two weeks before the start of the Dakar, here is an update on the two green vehicles that we will follow during this adventure.Oscar eOHere are the first pictures of the final Oscar eO also with its...

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(VIDEO) Yo-Auto's gas/electric Crossover at the 2012 Dakar?

We discovered that their design was evolving at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a concept car affirming an original identity, but were expecting an update on the development of their powertrain and mostly...

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(VIDEO) OscarEO: update on the electric race car participating in Dakar 2012

This year some electric and hybrid vehicles will take part in the Dakar 2012, the OscarEO Dakar is one of them: an electric 4x4 with a range extender (generator) developed by Latvians.A true technical...

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(VIDEO) Tim Coronel reveals his electric buggy for the 2012 Dakar

On May 10th we presented you Tim Coronel's project for the Dakar 2012, an electric buggy based on a McRae 4x2, for the record the final vehicle should develop 270hp with a torque limited to 120Nm, the...

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(VIDEO) Tim Coronel joining the 2012 Dakar with a Mc Rae 4x2 electric buggy

A few days after the visit of the Dakar World Tour in the Netherlands in Eindhoven, an Anglo-Dutch team announced its participation.The Dakar is well known to be a human and mechanical challenge, but it...

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OSCar eo, a 428hp electric 4WD for the Dakar 2012

The Lithuanian engineering company OSC is developing an electric off-road vehicle to participate in the 2012 Dakar Rally, a first for a Rally Raid. The project OSCar eO has been founded by Maris Saukans,...

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