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Sales of electric cars in 2015 in France, range of compact electric cars to increase in 2016

While in 2015 the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoé (R240) saw their autonomy come closer to the 250km allowing the Renault Zoe to break all records in France with 60% of the market share and 10406 units sold,...

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BMW i3 Evo by Everyn, when the i3 becomes a headturner showcar

The Japanese tuner Everyn - Energy Motorsport specialized in BMWs has revealed an i3 EVO transforming the electric city car - and its already futuristic design- in a sporty and racy beast!    The front-end...

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(VIDEO) Honda Concept B, a 5 door compact hybrid vehicle to success to the CR-Z?

While Honda announced the end of the CR-Z and Insight careers in Europe, on the Beijing Auto Show (Auto China), the brand reveals a 5 door compact hybrid vehicle called Concept B.As those models disappear,...

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(VIDEO) IAA 2013: VW e-Golf and e-Up electric mobility in city or compact sedan versions

Update of August 28 article with videos of the carsThey were announced for the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, VW already unveils its two first series electric cars, the e-Up an electric city-car but also the...

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Renault - Bolloré: cooperation on car sharing, convertible BlueCar and development of a compact three-seater with 200 km of range!

Renault and Bolloré officially announced last week a letter of intent for a partnership on three main levels:-Development of car-sharing solutionsAlliance around a joint venture to conquer and settle new...

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(VIDEO) Mazda Deep Orange 3 by Clemson, a concept of premium compact hybrid vehicle

After an initial presentation in late 2012, during  a seminar which opened earlier this week, the Center for Automotive Research from Clemson’s University (CU-ICAR) impressed with its compact hybrid vehicle.The...

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(VIDEO) CA-MiEV, the compact electric-car with 300km range – real or utopian?

At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Mitsubishi presented a concept of diesel hybrid pickup that foreshadows the successor of the L200, the GR-HEV and one that could well envision the new i-MiEV, the CA-MiEV,...

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(VIDEO Geneva 2013: Kia Provo - provocative 4WD compact hybrid vehicle

Kia has just unveiled an impressive concept-car inspired by the aesthetics of the DS3 and Mini but with a muscle-car design matching its gasoline hybrid powertrain.The Kia Provo foreshadows a model of...

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(VIDEO) TUM Visio.M, the range-extender compact car goes forward!

Update of February 3rd article with a video of the "dynamic" tests of the prototype...In September 2011 we presented a project led by the Technische University of Munchen (TUM), revealed at the Frankfurt...

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Geneva 2013: Mitsubishi will unveil two hybrid 4WD and an electric compact-car (GR-HEV & CA-MiEV)

At the 2013 Geneva Motorshow next March, Mitsubishi will introduce three green vehicles. In addition to the plug-in Outlander in European version, the Swiss public will see the debut of the brand’s first...

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