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(VIDEO) E.Go Life: a 4 seater electric city car for 16000 €

The company e.Go, which already markets a "kart", a kind of trikke / recumbent bike with 4 wheels and electric assistance, but also the e.Go Mover, a self-driving electric shuttle like the French Navya...

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Baojun E100, better than the Twizy in China, an electric city car has less than 5000 €!

Here is a tiny electric city car called Baojun E100, a brand unknown to us but supported by two local manufacturers and an international group. Baojun was born in 2010 from a partnership between SAIC,...

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(VIDEO) Shell Project M a carbon fiber micro city-car with a Smart ForTwo engine

Shell has revealed a technology demonstrator, a very efficient micro city car developed in partnership with Gordon Murray     Shell emphasizes the efficiency of gasoline engines for many years with...

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E-Car 333, an electric microcar with three wheels from Belgium!

During the Brussels Auto Show, the Company E-Car 333 has revealed an electric three-seater microcar with three wheels in pre-series version!   Belgian and durable construction Its designer Xavier Van...

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Tesla Model C an electric city car coming in 2018

While the Model III was officially announced by Elon Musk a few weeks ago, Tesla makes the headlines again with new rumors, more precisely an electric city car nammed Model C!    This car could potentially...

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Dongfeng starts the production of an electric microcar - Aeolus E30

The Chinese brand Dongfeng - owned by the government as most of the local manufacturers - just started the production of an electric city car called Aeolus E30 which is also available in "long" version,...

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(VIDEO) Fomm Concept One is an electric “water-world spaceship” that welcomes 4 people in 2.49m!

Here is a premiere for the least unexpected, the Japanese company Fomm founded in 2013 has revealed an electric city-car that is flood proof, the Fomm Concept One.Imagined for the heavy rainfall and flooding...

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(VIDEO) New Renault Twingo vs Peugeot 108, the battle of the French city-cars is declared

Update of February 14th article with new videos - including the world premieres of both cars at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.Exactly the same day with just a few hours of difference, two major French manufacturers...

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(VIDEO) Yamaha MOTIV.e – an electric microcar in partnership with Gordon Murray

We presented the two wheelers that Yamaha was announcing for the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show a few weeks ago... But today we learn that the Japanese brand still had a surprise announcement, an electric citycar,...

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(VIDEO) IAA 2013: VW e-Golf and e-Up electric mobility in city or compact sedan versions

Update of August 28 article with videos of the carsThey were announced for the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, VW already unveils its two first series electric cars, the e-Up an electric city-car but also the...

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