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Smart Chopper



  • Type : 2 Wheels Bike
  • Energy : Electrique
  • Power : 27 ch


HotRoad_racer_ebike (3).jpg

Hot Road french chopper e-bikes and pedelecs

Here is a French electric bike novelty that comes from the Paris region, the brand Hotroad with interesting designs and a very bike inspired looks for two frames, the Chopper and Racer models.   These...

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Sine_Cycles (4).jpg

(VIDEO) Sinecycle, a superb Chopper electric motorcycle with Zero Motorcycles powertrain

The Swiss Bruno Forcella wanted a special bike and decided to put a Zero Motorcycles powertrain in a chopper frame and the result, the first Sine Cycles, is very tempting!     Instead of spending...

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(VIDEO) B4 Bikes, electric Chopper bikes from Holland

The trend of retro-styling in high-tech objects and vehicles gets a new interpretation with the B4 E-Cruizer, an electric chopper bike that has been presented at the Accenture Innovation Awards.Designed...

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(VIDEO) Electric chopper motorcycle by Shiun, Japan: easy EV rider

Our find of the week takes us to Japan to discover Shiun Craft Works, a motorcycle modification and customization workshop based in Hyogo, near Kobe.In 2001 Shiun developed a custom motorcycle, a driveable...

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(VIDEO) The chopper bikes invade Paris and Versailles

We have often spoken of chopper bikes, whether they are electric or not...There are several amateur clubs of that kind of bicycles and in September, the Dutch "KeyTownCruiser" came to pay a visit to the...

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(VIDEO) Voltage Cycles, custom electric Chopper bikes

This American company has been selling electric bikes for 2 years, on the occasion of their partnership with AllCell batteries and thanks to the experience gained they now offer a cool and performing custom...

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First electric chopper bike made in the USA, the M-1 by Marrs Cycles

After the chopper bikes, these bikes with Harley-Davidson looks, here are their electric versions! More extreme than the PG-Bikes BlackBlock 2, here is the Marss M-1, an electric bike "hand-crafted" in...

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(VIDEO) How to get high with a chopper bike

Here's an original prototype of chopper bike -designed by a Russian- that is like no other…Real transformer, it is reserved for people who have a sense of balance, and  not afraid of heights. It seems...

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