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Pikes Peak 2013 : the EV speed record master, Chip Yates, will ride the Lightning

As much motorcycle pilot than pioneer, Chip Yates became famous in the EV world with his electric motorcycle prototype that took him to pure speed records (331kph) and a Pikes Peak title in 2012.Since,...

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(VIDEO) 326kph in an electric plane, new speed record for Chip Yates

Just a few hours/days after the first taxiing tests (see July 15th article), Chip Yates took-off yesterday for a record attempt on board of the Electric Long ESA, a 258hp electric airplane built from a...

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(VIDEO) Chip Yates switches to Aircraft, doesn‘t forget speed records

We introduced the FlightoftheCentury project in May and their crazy idea of a transatlantic flight with an electric aircraft that would be recharged by UAV batteries. Before the development of the IREF...

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(VIDEO) Chip Yates latest challenge, a transatlantic flight with an electric airplane

After his records of 306kph last year and the 12min50 at Pikes Peak in 2011, Chip Yates tackles the world of aviation. He wants to reinvent the use of batteries in airplanes and is considering a long distance...

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(VIDEO) Chip Yates, recordman on two wheels at Pikes Peak

We expected Chip Yates and his 240hp motorcycle “at the turn(s)” since this announcement of their participation at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb… And this weekend brought us the answer to our expectations:...

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(VIDEO) First tests in Pikes Peak for Chip Yates

Here the one that we don’t present anymore, the man that hit 307kph (190,7mph) on its 240hp electric bike… Now he is training for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb on June 26th.All the articles on the bike here

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Chip Yates and its Electric Superbike

Chip Yates, half rider half engineer gave up racing in the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) soon after turning pro as he missed the fun and challenge of engineering. The bike’s development started...

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