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Car2Go leaves Lyon (and France) Car’Go stays!

For its first location in France, in the city of Lyon, the rental service "Car2Go" had to stop all activities at the request of the company "Car' Go". In a statement, Car'Go said that Daimler and Lyon’s...

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Twizy Mobility: halfway between Car2Go and AutoLib ', Renault EV-sharing program

During an interview with Thierry Viadieu, head of the New Mobility Program Department at Renault, we learned that Renault is working on a car-sharing service with the Twizy named Twizy Mobility. Similarity...

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Eco-mobility, Car2go: 200 Smarts available in Lyon, France

While the most famous micro city-car got a facelift yesterday, the mobility service by Daimler, car2go, was launched in the city of Lyon simultaneously.After the press release of October 7th, 200 self-service...

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Launch of Car2Go in Vienna: 500 Smarts

The largest fleet of Daimler’s mobility service, Car2Go, will be deployed in Vienna next December.Starting from tomorrow future users can register and will receive 60 free minutes to discover the service.This...

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Carsharing: launch of Car2Go in Lyon planned for 2012

After Auto Bleue in Nice and Autolib' in Paris (not to mention the pioneer YeloMobile in La Rochelle) it is now the turn of Lyon to launch a car sharing service.Daimler has just announced a partnership...

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(VIDEO) Car2Go comes to San Diego with electric Smarts

Having developed its service with a first deployment in Ulm two years ago, Daimler announced three months ago the first car2go fleet based on electric vehicles, the Smart ED, in Amsterdam.Now they have...

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(VIDEO) Expansion of Car2Go: Amsterdam announces electric car sharing program

After the launch of AutoBleue in Nice, France this Saturday, Amsterdam announced today the launch of its car sharing program with more than 300 Smart ED (electric) that will be available before the end...

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