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Electric motors: 2x 150 kW (403hp), Gasoline Engine: 260hp Turbocharged 2.0 liter Direct Injection used as a generator or for extra power. Drive modes, Stealth Mode: electric only 0 to 100 kph in 7.9 sec, top speed = 153 kph // Sport Mode: electric + internal combustion engine (ICE) 0 to 100kph in 5.9 sec, top speed = 200 kph // Range: 80 km in electric only, total range 483 km. Listed consumption and emission figures from TUV

    102 300,00 €

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  • Type : 4 Wheels Sport Sedan
  • Energy : Essence Electrique Prolongateur d'autonomie
  • Power : 403 ch
  • Torque : 1300 Nm





Combustion engine + 2 electric motors + Supercapacitor

    9 800,00 €

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  • Type : 4 Wheels Suv/Crossover
  • Energy : Essence GNV Prolongateur d'autonomie


LS600h 2013



Le moteur à combustion propose 389ch et 521Nm, le moteur électrique 221ch pour 300Nm

  • Type : 4 Wheels Sedan Premium
  • Energy : Essence Hybride
  • Power : 438 ch





500 miles range, 2*600hp electric pods to lift the car/plane, then a 300hp range extender car recharge the battery or power the plane.

  • Type : Air VTOL
  • Energy : Electrique Hybride Prolongateur d'autonomie
  • Power : 1200 ch



(VIDEO) Paris to inaugurate a first electric bus line tomorrow

Update of October 15th article with a video of the inauguration - in french but you can use YouTube's subtitlesThe company “Autocars Dominique” in Buc, Yvelines - via its subsidiary B.E. Green - will inaugurate...

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(VIDEO) An electric bus, BYD eBUS-12 tested in Brussels

A BYD eBUS-12 has just been officially loaned to the city of Brussels for scale tests which begin today over a period of two months.Last week, the local operator STIB / MIVB has received this electric...

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(VIDEO) Applus Idiada introduces a new concept of electric minibus, the E-Born3

The E-Born3 from Applus Idiada has been presented at the 2012 SAE World Congress in Detroit.This concept illustrates the design capabilities of Idiada. Idiada is an engineering company that manages all...

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Brabus creates an electric E Class (435hp and 4WD)

Developed by the Brabus Zero Emission division, here is a technology demonstrator of the German tuner, the E-Class High Performance 4WD.Equipped with four wheel hub motors, the prototype which will be...

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Leo Motors reveals its electric motorcycle Eleven and technology fuel cell Zinc-Air

Leo Motors is a Korean company that has big ambitions, after announcing the arrival of the electric supercar LZ-1, which is intended as a competitor to the Tesla they just revealed the first drawings of...

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(VIDEO) Electric Bus : Proterra receives $ 30 million

Proterra is a manufacturer of electric buses in the United States, located in Greenville, they are the only ones we know apart from Opbrid to offer a fast charge technology that uses pantograph like technology. The...

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Seoul’s electric bus

Seoul’s  Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced that it has started commercial operation of eco-friendly full-size electric buses on the Mt NamsanThe bus has been under development for one and a half...

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Opbrid reinvents the electric bus

The problem is always the same: charging time. Because of that, electric buses cannot be used on a daily basis as a public transportation.Now, things have changed: thanks to new batteries that supports...

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Dutch electric Superbus

TU Delft (Dutch University of Technology) has unveiled the experimental prototype of the Superbus, an innovative concept of public transport, at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) in Hannover....

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