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Bluemotion Eco-Up!



Safety fuel tank containing 10liters

  • Type : 4 Wheels City
  • Energy : GNV
  • Power : 68 ch



New Golf 7 TDi BlueMotion 3.2l per 100km and 85g/km!

The BlueMotion TDI version of the Golf 7 has just been officially revealed and its specs are close to those of hybrids or more compact diesel cars, in short it is leading its class!Some figures of the...

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The new Peugeot 308’s greenest version emits as little CO2 as the Golf 7 BlueMotion

Although its name remains, the new Peugeot 308 has been completely modified. It also breaks new ground in many areas and excels in reducing CO2 emissions. The 308 has been originally launched in September...

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Golf 7 detail of the most ecological versions with price (Bluemotion - TDi - TSi with ACT)

Officially revealed to the public at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the average weight of the Golf’s seventh generation loses 100kg for consumption reductions up to 23%.The three most ecological / economic...

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Golf VII BlueMotion, first specs and official pictures!

Update of August 30th article with the first official images that just leaked...While the first rumors begin to arrive about the environmental performances of the Golf 7 BlueMotion, here is an echo of...

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Comparison, Golf Cabriolet BlueMotion, petrol or diesel ?

The new Golf Cabriolet to be revealed in world premiere at the Geneva 2011 Auto Show will offer three engines out of six equipped with Bluemotion technology. For now, only 2 of them were revealed the 1.2...

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Scirocco and Passat CC get Bluemotion engine

The Scirocco and Passat CC are now getting Bluemotion engines, the 140hp and 170 hp diesels.Scirocco's 140hp 2,0l diesel engine is equipped with Start & Stop technology and regenerative systems. Depending...

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