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(VIDEO) Toyota at the New York Auto Show - 2016 Lexus RX450h and hybrid RAV4

For the New York Auto Show, the Toyota group reveales two world premieres, the new and fourth generation RX and an all new hybrid version of the RAV4! The new 2016 RX450h The motor remains a 3.5l V6...

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The new Lexus RX presented in New York in just one week

In a press release, Lexus announced that they are about to present the succession of the hybrid SUV that largely participated to the reputation of the brand, the famous RX that marked its time. Pioneer...

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(VIDEO) Citibike, New York goes bike-sharing

The city built for automobiles has discovered the joys of self-service bicycles Monday. For the occasion the service was free and nearly 5,000 of the 6,000 bikes available have been tested that day.The...

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(VIDEO) New York 2013 : Mercedes Classe B electric drive confirmed for 2014, US market first!

Following an initial reveal at the 2012 Paris Auto Show 6 months ago, Mercedes confirms the launch of the B-Class Electric Drive for early 2014 in the United States first, and then Europe!It is Daimler’s...

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(VIDEO) New York 2013 : Subaru’s hybrid in motion (XV Hybrid)

After a long quietness on electrified powertrains, at the New York Auto Show Subaru will present, in the wake of the Geneva Motor Show and the Viziv concept - a plug-in hybrid diesel - the XV Crosstrek...

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(VIDEO) Renault Twizy in NYC : the tiny car hits the big apple

Update of May 7th article of a videoRenault had the opportunity to take a Twizy in NYC streets and brings back a series of pictures featuring their micro EV… Nonetheless Renault reminds that they don’t...

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(VIDEO) Terrafugia Transition, now available at $ 279000

While until last week no flying car was officially available "commercially", now you can choose between two technological options, a car/airplane or a three-wheeler/gyrocopter. The choice will be difficult,...

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(VIDEO) 2012 NYAutoShow: Infiniti LE Concept, the electric luxury sedan revealed

Last September, the premium brand of Nissan revealed the first sketches of their electric sedan. At New York Auto Show, Infiniti unveils the concept LE (after a concept of range extended sportscar, the...

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"Oldtimer" electric cars could replace horse carriages in New York

Electric cars could replace the famous New York’s carriages, but to can take over those mythical vehicle they can’t use any electric vehicle, it has to be special! With a look straight out of the early...

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(VIDEO) New York launches its bike sharing program next summer

The City of New York announced the arrival of a fleet of 10,000 bikes, as many as 60 stations to facilitate intermodality in the city.Proposed last year, the project took a year to gather the necessary...

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