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Yaris Hybride



    16 950,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : 4 Wheels Compact
  • Energy : Essence Hybride
  • Power : 100 ch
  • Torque : 169 Nm



Toyota Midget concept a Yaris hybrid heart with a racer soul

While the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show will host the world premiere of the new Prius 2016 for the Tokyo Motor Show the Nippon brand will reveal a concept of micro hybrid sportscar!     This concept-car...

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(VIDEo) IAA 2013: specs of the 420hp 4WD hybrid Yaris! (Hybrid-R)

After a teaser and a first sketch of the car that Toyota will premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the brand has just revealed more details on their boosted hybrid Yaris, the Yaris Hybrid-R, including...

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IAA 2013: Toyota Hybrid-R Concept, its a 400hp Yaris!

A hybrid sports-car is a must have in a manufacturer range this decade and while the new Honda NSX just made its debut on the track, Toyota chose the Frankfurt Motor Show to reveal the Hybrid-R concept,...

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Toyota France will sell 10.000 Yaris Hybrid in 2012, hybrid sales increase by 46% on 9 months

In an interview at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, Pascal Ruch CEO of Toyota France has detailed the market trend for the brand. In a context where the market is down by 14% sales of hybrid vehicles display...

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Toyota Yaris Hybrid vs. Honda Jazz Hybrid

In the segment of compact hybrids, here is the first match between the two stars of this new market!After having launched sedans with hybrid powertrains, the two Japanese brands now compete on the compact...

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(VIDEO) Yaris hybrid destined to be the champion of hybrid cars sales

French sales figures in June showed it, it is the best selling hybrid car with 22% of registrations - but after a few days of testing with the Yaris Hybrid, we confirm that Toyota has found the right formula.As...

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Geneva 2012: Yaris Hybrid, 100hp, 79g/km priced from €16950

Revealed as a concept car at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, comprehensive informations have been unveiled... This compact hybrid that will that will compete with the Honda Jazz Hybrid have just been revealed...

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Geneva 2012: Toyota FT-Bh an hybrid citycar concept (+ Diji, NS4 and Yaris Hybrid)

This is the first teaser of this concept to be revealed at the Geneva show this year, between, the stars of Tokyo and Detroit motor show, the Fun-Vii -now presented as the Toyota Diji-and the NS4 that...

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(VIDEO) New Yaris: engines & price

After the first images of the European version released on June 15, more information arrives on the engines.Two petrol engines 1.0l and 1.3l VVT-i and a 1.4l D4-D turbodiesel engine all meeting the Euro...

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The new Toyota Yaris revealed (Euro-spec)

We already knew the concept, revealed at the Geneva show, mostly its hybrid version (HSD), here are the first images of Toyota's city car production model.From an aesthetic point of view very few differences...

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