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Renault Twizy’s car-sharing scheme goes to Germany (Twizy Way)

Following the launch of the service in the Yvelines, greater Paris region, under the name Twizy Way, Renault is just about to launch a car-sharing service with Twizys in Germany, Ruhr.This test project...

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Twizy Way : Renault's 2-seater EV now officially in QR code car-sharing test program

We announced it in preview last April, Renault officially revealed today the launch of their Twizy–sharing program. The project initially called Twizy Mobility, is finally dubbed Twizy Way and will available...

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Twizy Mobility: halfway between Car2Go and AutoLib ', Renault EV-sharing program

During an interview with Thierry Viadieu, head of the New Mobility Program Department at Renault, we learned that Renault is working on a car-sharing service with the Twizy named Twizy Mobility. Similarity...

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