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Prius C - Aqua



Converted price based on the Japanese price, max power listed in combined mode.

    16 600,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : 4 Wheels Compact
  • Energy : Essence Hybride
  • Power : 100 ch
  • Torque : 169 Nm



Toyota Aqua the compact hybrid launched in Japan, record consumption and affordable price!

Toyota launches officially the Aqua (Prius or C depending on the country) in Japan today and announces final data on the vehicle. This car will be the people’s hybrid and volumes scheduled by Toyota are...

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Toyota Aqua by Kanji Auto Works (Fun Concept)

While the production version was revealed in Asian premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota’s new model -although very strategic for the brand- is not gathering a lot of attraction in the middle of all...

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(VIDEO) Tokyo 2011: Toyota, three concepts and official reveal of the Aqua (Prius C)

As always at the Tokyo Motor Show, Asian manufacturers such as Daihatsu, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Honda let designers express themselves freely with concepts but also the pre-production vehicles.This is...

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Toyota Aqua: the baby Prius arrives in 2012

Click here to see December 26th update on the Toyota Aqua with its official launch and priceToyota announced today that they would launch (in Japan) on next January an hybrid compact-car called Aqua. Set...

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