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2017 Tokyo Auto Show, a self-balanced electric motorcycle and a world first electric sports-car

The Tokyo Motor Show is obviously the reference show for Japanese manufacturers and while they presented us their Honda Urban EV concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in world premiere, it is two world first...

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(VIDEO) TE-S800 - a plug-in hybrid roadster for tuning fans at the Tokyo Auto Salon

TE-S800 is a roadster prototype created by the Toyota Engineering Society that has just been revealed on the Tokyo Auto Salon, after the concepts TES-ERA and Minute-S, TES surprises once again with a desirable...

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(VIDEO) Suzuki at the Tokyo Motor Show three concept cars and a mini electric motorcycle Extrigger

Update of October 30th article with videosAt the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show that opens its doors in late November Suzuki will introduce many new models and concepts on four or two wheels, we will focus on three...

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Tokyo 2013 : VW Twin-Up – plug-in diesel hybrid Up - world’s Most frugal city car on the way

Update of November 10 article with the official pictures and figuresAfter plug-in hybrid studies TwinDrive, VW reveals a diesel plug-in hybrid version of its Up city car at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, the...

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Mazda to launch its hybrid technology at the Tokyo Motor Show – SkyActiv Hybrid

Update of October 12th article with the official press release from Mazda confirming the hybrid version as well as a bi-fuel version Mazda3 SkyActiv-CNG ConceptThe rumor was circulating but without official...

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(VIDEO) The Toyota 2000GT SEV at the Tokyo Auto Salon

After an initial release a few days ago, here is some more information on the Solar Toyota 2000GT at the Tokyo Motor Show.Naohiko Saito, one of Crazy Car Project’s team tells us about the vehicle: its...

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(VIDEO) Suzuki concepts at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show 2011 video (Regina, Q-Concept, Swift EV Hybrid...)

Let's start with the most amazing, the Q-Concept, a 2 seater micro-city car in the wake of the Renault Twizy, more tangy and with an interesting door opening cinematic, we appreciate the swivelling seat...

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(VIDEO) Live from Tokyo Honda EV-STER and RC-E

After the announcement of their reveal on November 10 followed by a series of photos taken at the show, here are the concepts in video.The headliners are the EV-STER and the RC-E, but you can also see...

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(Gallery) Green Cars at 2011 Tokyo Motor Show: Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu

This is the second part of our virtual tour of the Tokyo Motor Show with a new series of manufacturersNissan: we introduced their concept-cars this morning revealing two main novelties, a Nismo kit for...

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(Gallery) Green cars live from 2011 Tokyo Motor Show: Honda-Suzuki-VW-Subaru

You may have noticed that the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show is once again the stage of many reveals and world premieres, we offer you a guided tour through the show looking for eco-friendly (efficient, hybrid,...

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