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SLS Electric Drive



Power and torque listed in peak, AMG ceramic composite disc brakes, CFRP chassis (carbon fiber reinforced plastic), an electric motor is placed in each wheel and the battery under the floor for an ideal weight distribution.

    416 500,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : 4 Wheels Sport
  • Energy : Electrique
  • Power : 740 ch
  • Torque : 1000 Nm



(VIDEO) The SLS AMG Electric Drive in 7:56.23 on the Nurburgring

The Nurburgring is THE place to be for ultra high performance cars and tackle it with an electric vehicle is a difficult exercise and the latest trend of the automotive scene. Mercedes AMG just took that...

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(VIDEO) Chris Harris tests the SLS Electric Drive, the most powerfull AMG ever is « profoundly new » !

Chris Harris of Drive had the chance to lap the Paul Ricard inside the SLS Electric Drive, the opportunity to compare with the original SLS and for us to receive the feedback from a sports-car specialist.Exterior...

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Exagon Furtive-eGT, the SLS Electric Drive killer! (Video & gallery)

We have already presented it at the Paris Auto Show, but the Exagon Furtive-eGT is again one of the stars of the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.The performances are stratospheric and the French plays with the...

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SLS Electric Drive: 752hp, 250km range and €416.500 electric supercar tested on the track by the press

After its official launch in Paris at a price of € 416,500, just before the opening of the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes gave to some lucky journalists the opportunity to test the electric SLS on the...

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Mercedes brings seven electric cars at the Rally e-Silvretta (SLS E-Cell)

e-Silvretta is a rally reserved to electric cars. It takes place in Austria in the Montafon region, after a first edition last year, the second runs from tomorrow through Saturday.The second edition promises...

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Sir, your SLS AMG, petrol or electric?

Today was the official reveal the Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell, one of the most desirable e-supercar. Produced by a company that has nothing to prove in terms of quality, knowhow and that has been creating...

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