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Max rider weight 250lbs, vehicle weight listed without battery

    3 814,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : NIV
  • Energy : Electrique



(VIDEO) Ryno: electric unicycle now available in a limited series at $5295

We already told the story of Chris Hoffman, an engineer entrepreneur who developed a single-person electric transporter with one wheel, the Ryno!The task was daunting and like many ambitious projects it...

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(VIDEO) One wheel electric motorcycle: Ryno Motors makes a demonstration before production starts in 2012

We already talked about Ryno Motors, this unique electric unicycle (especially since BPG Werks modified the Uno Cycle into a "transformer").This project seemed so crazy that we couldn’t imagine to see...

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(VIDEO) The Ryno by RynoMotors tested in the Gadget Show

We had already spotted RynoMotors since the beginning of the adventure: the story Chris HOffmann father of a 13 year old girls, he came to him one day asking if he could build the unicycle she had in her...

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