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(VIDEO) KAIST Armadillo-T another vision of the folding electric car

After the KIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology) who was working on lithium-air batteries, this time, it is the KAIST, the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology who revealed a...

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Casple-Podadera, another version of the Hiriko, the foldable electric city car

The Group Casple has teamed-up with Podadera Design to introduce a micro-electric folding car, with an interesting feature, it is capable of reducing its wheelbase via a tilting rear axle and a cockpit.The...

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(VIDEO) Agreement between the Deutsche Bahn and Hiriko + Hiriko Roadster

After an initial fleet of Citroen C-Zero for DB’s mobility service, Hiriko the folding electric car has just teamed up with the German railways.For the record, the Hiriko is a concept originally imagined...

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(VIDEO) Hiriko foldable electric car in Spanish streets

Highly anticipated given its ability to park easily in small spaces, the 100% electric car with a 12 minutes fast charge should be launched in 2013. Being able to park easily without having to make multiple...

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(VIDEO) Hiriko: MIT’s folding electric car set for production in 2013

Spanish initiative by Afypaida and Denokinn in collaboration with the MIT (that's why the concept looks familiar...) Hiriko is a folding vehicle which will be launched next year for mobility services (car...

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