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Golf GTE



Estimated price around 35.000€, range listed in combined mode, 50km in electric only

  • Type : 4 Wheels Compact
  • Energy : Essence Hybride rechargeable
  • Power : 204 ch
  • Torque : 350 Nm


VW_T-Prime GTE (4).jpg

(VIDEO) The new plug-in hybrid Touareg presented in Beijing - T-Prime GTE

This is the Beijing Motor Show that Volkswagen has chosen to reveal the concept-car that foreshadows the new Touareg, this reveal comes with the announcement of the arrival of 7 new plug-in and electric...

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Qoros2PHEV (2).jpg

Plug-in hybrid gasoline at Shanghai 2015: VW C Coupe GTE, Qoros 2 PHEV, X5 xDrive 40e

  Volkswagen C Coupe GTE Volkswagen continues its variants of the GTE powertrain and features it in a concept car that foreshadows the return of high-end VW models thanks to the strong demand of the...

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VW_SportCoupe_GTE (2).jpg

Volkswagen GTE Sport Coupé, the new CC gets four wheel drive and 374hp!

Among other premieres for VW on the Geneva Motor Show we can discover a stylish plug-in hybrid coupe, the Sport Coupe Concept GTE   Latest evolution of VW's GTE engines After the new Passat presented...

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Cross Coupé GTE, the new Touareg gets a 360hp plug-in hybrid engine

On the occasion of the Detroit Auto Show, Volkswagen presents another SUV concept called Cross Coupe but in a plug-in hybrid version, GTE! The GTE powertrain was the center of attention in all the VW...

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The German Police in PHEVs! Passat GTE

On the occasion of the Paris Motor Show we presented the new Passat with the GTE powertrain, it comes in sedan or wagon, the model and engine interest the German Police! Although it is only a proposal...

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Passat GTE.jpg

The new Passat will presented in PHEV at the Paris Auto Show - Passat GTE

After presenting the new Passat at the beginning of the summer, for the 2014 Paris Auto Show, the eighth generation of VW’s sedan adopts the plug-in hybrid technology already seen in the Golf GTE but in...

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(VIDEO) Golf GTE : this 204hp PHEV Golf claims 939km range – 0 to 100kph in 7.6 seconds!

Update of February 23th article with the official picture and video of the carBetween the Jetta hybrid and Polo BlueGT, VW wants to show that innovative eco engines can also be sporty. For the 2014 Geneva...

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