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Urban emissions reduced by 35%

  • Type : 4 Wheels Coupe Sport
  • Energy : Essence Hybride



(VIDEO) LaFerrari spider, the Aperta hybrid hypercar in Barcelona

Ferrari's first hybrid hypercar which started the trend and flow of competitors with the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918Spyder is getting  a topless version! The LaFerrari Aperta that should meet at the 2016...

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Exclusive - La Ferrari Crash in China

After a 918 Spyder last December, it is this time to LaFerrari to be sadly crashed in China, once again, the driver seems very young !! Here are the first exclusive images of a LaFerrari that has just...

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Eagle Carrie EV: the Ferrari FF and Porsche Cayman 981 meet in this chinese electric sportscar!

Suzhou Eagle or Eagle EV operates on the Chinese market since 1999 and offers more than 100 models and variants, they are a company specializing in electric vehicles such as golf carts. For the Shanghai...

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LaFerrari FXX K, debuts on track!

The news came ast week, not happy enough with their hybrid hypercar LaFerrari, the brand presented as it does with each of his rare models - the Enzo for example - an even more extreme version of called...

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(VIDEO) LaFerrari prototype arrested by the cops in Dubai!

LaFerrari code named F150, is the first hybrid supercar (rather hypercar) offered by the brand.Successor of the Enzo, it’s a car with a radical specs-sheet that created a sensational buzz around the world...

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(VIDEo) LaFerrari honor guest of the 2013 Tour Auto – past meets future tech!

Update of yesterday's article with two videos of LaFerrari at the Grand Palais, one of the exterior, the other of the interior.It was with a great pleasure that the 2013 Tour Auto community hosted the...

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(VIDEO) Specifications of the new Ferrari Enzo, hybrid V12 and 1270kg (F150) + price update

Update of November 19th article with the official video reveal that took place today in Geneva.Ferrari teases Enzo's replacement for many months, first, test-mules have been surprised, then Ferrari revealed...

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(VIDEO) Enzo and F150, tested on the same track

This is getting a bit more precise again, the new Ferrari supercar, the F150 announced with an hybrid 950hp is still under development... It has been spotted for the first time in track-testing exchanging...

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(VIDEO) Fahraddi Farfalla FFX: the world’s greenest Ferrari

Han.Lan, already known for its Gold Porsche, the Ferdinand GT3 RS just did it again! Guess he wanted to show Ferrari how to make true green cars! And this time he even updated the Enzo with new LED lights...

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(VIDEO) HY-Kers 2012 by Ferrari, the hybrid V12 now in mid-rear position, emissions down by 40%

Time is now to hybridization and even for the most reluctant . Rumors of March have just been confirmed with the reveal of the evolution of this technology coupling the hybrid powertrain and the V12 in...

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