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Eurobike 2015 - highlights

Every year we share our discoveries on the European cycling show Eurobike that gives the trends for the year to come whether it is about classic bikes or electric bikes, once again the market demonstrates...

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NEOX: these electric bikes have a sequential gearbox with integrated e-motor

Discovered and awarded on the Eurobike show, the Italian brand NEOX offers a range of electric bikes based on an innovative technology and a sleek design, all the components are enclosed either in the...

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Eurobike Award 2014, bikes not to be missed!

The Eurobike Show is also an election, the Eurobike Awards for which a committee of experts gather around bikes classified in different categories, as well as parts and accessories.    E-bikes category...

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(VIDEO) Electric bikes : Eurobike 2014 trends

Each year, the Eurobike Show gives the trend of the bicycle market, and electric bicycle as this 2014 edition once again puts forward the electrified two wheelers!    More and more recreational models...

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Eurobike 2011: part 2!

After our first selection on September 1st this is the second and last article of what we found and liked at Eurobike this year!We start with a big crush, the Hawk Hudson E-Bike version 2012, a superb...

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Eurobike 2011: our selection of novelties

Today we will present the latest news in cycling whether electric, foldable, both, or simply beautiful.The Eurobike is considered as THE reference and the multitude of aisles and halls confirms that! Here...

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EuroBike 2010

A little teaser from the German “EuroBike” show in Friedrichshafen.

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