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(VIDEO) 2013 Paris Air Show EADS E-FAN, an electric airplane for training purposes

The Paris Air Show, which opened its doors yesterday allows small companies as a PC-Aero to present their projects and innovations but also mainstream groups, such as EADS that presents the E-Fan a demonstrator...

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(VIDEO) Le Bourget 2013: reveal of a 6-seater electric aircraft PC-Aero "Elektro E6"

The company PC-Aero which has already developed small electric airplanes (Elektra One - Elektra Two) has partnered with EADCO (a German consulting firm in Aeronautics) to offer the first 6-seater electric...

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2011 Paris Air Show : Greenelis, an aircraft with a diesel engine from a Smart!

Greenelis is an efficient airplane created by a company that come from Brest, France, they aim to win the Green Flight Challenge held on July 11 and 17 in Santa Rosa, California, a competition overseen...

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(VIDEO) 2011 Paris Air Show: Solar Impulse flight demonstration

The Paris Air Show, which closed its doors tonight welcomed a special guest over the event, the HB-SIA, better known as the Solar Impulse, a solar powered 63m giant.If you went to Le Bourget you certainly...

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(VIDEO) 2011 Paris Air Show: new speed record for the Cri-Cri MC15E, 283 kph

After its first public display and performances last year, and a first speed record, the Cri-Cri MC15E flew by Hugues Duval achieved a new record this weekend.With 5 meters wingspan and weight of 90kg,...

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(VIDEO) 2011 Paris Air Show: LH Aviation LH-10 Ellipse

Founded in 2004 and supported since last year by an investment fund, LH Aviation is a French company that participates in the Bourget for the third consecutive year.They present two new versions (surveillance...

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(VIDEO) 2011 Paris Air Show: First flight of an hybrid airplane with extended range, the DA36 E-Star

Siemens, EADS and Diamond Aircraft have joined their forces to develop a hybrid aircraft with range extender the DA36 E-Star, a motorized glider with two seats.After a first test flight on June 8 in Vienna...

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2011 Paris Air Show: VoltAir the electric plane concept by EADS (VIDEO)

After the aviation in 2050, the hypersonic flights of 2021, here is the electric aircraft by EADS in 2031: VoltAir is a medium-haul aircraft with an all-electric propulsion system for silent and emission...

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2011 Paris Air Show: ZEHST, the hypersonic aircraft by EADS (VIDEO)

Here is the ZEHST, a project of hypersonic plane that runs on biofuel and hydrogen. Designed by EADS, in cooperation with Japan, as part of a program funded by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation...

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(VIDEO) The solar plane Solar Impulse lands at Le Bourget

After its first international flight on May 13 rallying Switzerland to Belgium and despite the bad weather conditions that delayed its departure from Brussels, the Solar Impulse landed last night at 9:15pm...

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