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0 to 60kph in 6,3 seconds, listed range is in urban conditions, extra urban: 150km. Continuous power 30kW (47hp), 50kW in peak (68hp).

  • Type : 4 Wheels Compact
  • Energy : Electrique
  • Power : 68 ch



Tea time for Bolloré 6,000 charging stations in London, Bluecars in car-sharing also coming!

The Bolloré Group that manages Autolib and its French local versions (Bluely and BlueCub) has just won an ambitious plan that will setup 6,000 charging stations and electric car-sharing.More specifically,...

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Renault - Bolloré: cooperation on car sharing, convertible BlueCar and development of a compact three-seater with 200 km of range!

Renault and Bolloré officially announced last week a letter of intent for a partnership on three main levels:-Development of car-sharing solutionsAlliance around a joint venture to conquer and settle new...

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Official, Bluecars coming to Bordeaux for ev car-sharing by the end of 2013

Following a previous article announcing some discussions between the Bolloré Group and the city of Bordeaux, the official agreement happened yesterday, the BlueCars will start in car-sharing scheme in...

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The Bluecar from Bolloré priced below the Renault Zoé at € 12,000

The Bluecar, Bolloré group’s electric car, which equips the car-sharing service Autolib in Paris region will now be available for sale at a price of €12,000 with a battery rental fee of €80 per month (unlimited...

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Bolloré Bluecar now for lease at €300/month and € 500 in all inclusive

While on the Paris Motor Show, Bolloré unveiled a topless version with leather interior of its electric car, the Bluecar, it is unfortunately just a one-off...Last Friday Vincent BOLLORE has officially...

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Bolloré BlueCar, an improved Autolib' in leasing, from 330 € per month

Already well known in Paris for the Autolib’ car-sharing service, you can now have your own BlueCar. You won’t be able to buy the Bolloré electric car, but you can rent it for a minimum of 3 months! Bolloré...

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(VIDEO) First tests of Bolloré’s Autolib/Bluecar

In preview of the first tests of Paris' electrcic car-sharing service that will be carried out (by members of the group and the city of Paris, according to the latest information available) over a period...

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(VIDEO) Bolloré’s electric car will be available for 10€ per day

Available on the french market, official first deliveries of the BlueCar will start in 2011, with an initial rental strategy. The attractive price, compared to the Peugeot Ion and Citroen C-Zero, is due...

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