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Bluetorino : Bolloré’s Autolib to start in Turin

Bluetorino is a carsharing service put in place by Bolloré group launched on 18th March 2016 at « The Future of Sustainable Mobility » in Turin, Italy. It allows users of Turin to rent and reserve an electric...

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Spiri, Denmark’s Autolib is here (VIDEO)

The Danish company Spiri has developed its own fleet of electric vehicles. The service is set to start in 2017. The cost of the service will be in line with the cost of urban transportation in Danish cities. The...

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Renault Mobility: Autolib gets some competion with a car-sharing system by Renault

Renault will launch its own car-sharing service available 24h/24 and 7days/7 at the « Mondial de l’Automobile » next October in Paris. Named Renault Mobility, it has been in the trial phase since June...

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(VIDEO) Gogoro the Autolib of electric scooter with battery swap station at CES

For the 2015 Las Vegas CES that opens tomorrow, we expect a lot of autonomous and connected cars as the previous years, but a former exec of HTC also has a surprise.   Horace Luke, former director of...

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Autolib: it is Bluely in Lyon and Bluecub in Bordeaux

It was announced, the electric car-sharing service from the group Bolloré was bound to expand in other French cities, including Lyon and Bordeaux but no name had been announced, they are now official!...

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BlueLy: Lyon’s Autolib is official and power by green energy

Lyon just announced a service of electric car-sharing to be launched before the end of the year. It is naturally inspired by Paris’ Autolib as the Bolloré Group, will also manage and operate the service.Therefore...

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Autolib soon in Lyon, Bordeaux and Asia?

Autolib is growing very fast and the Bolloré group is in talks with Bordeaux and Lyon to offer its BlueCar. The export of the model outside Europe is also under study according to its CEO, Vincent Bolloré.Following...

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Mobizen in pursuit of Autolib

The Quebec based car-sharing company Communauto recently bought its French equivalent Mobizen. With an experience of 18 years in the field of automated car rental, changes have already begun in Paris.Lower...

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Sued by Europcar, Paris’ Autolib' may have to change its name!

Names for car-sharing services are a big deal recently... After the affair that involved Car2Go in Lyon and Car’Go, it is now Autolib who could be forced to change its name.The rental giant Europcar has...

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Bolloré BlueCar, an improved Autolib' in leasing, from 330 € per month

Already well known in Paris for the Autolib’ car-sharing service, you can now have your own BlueCar. You won’t be able to buy the Bolloré electric car, but you can rent it for a minimum of 3 months! Bolloré...

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