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Range is listed is ful electric, then the range extender allow 400km + range. Listed power is combined

    20 745,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : 4 Wheels Sedan
  • Energy : Essence Electrique Prolongateur d'autonomie
  • Power : 168 ch



Cars - 3D printed: two new electric cars by 4ekolka and Honda (VIDEO)

The 4ekolka company has announced that they’ll produce a vehicle with a 200 km range. At the same time, Honda presented its customized mini-electric vehicle at the 2016 Parisian auto show. After Local...

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Is 3D printing the next revolution for the car industry? (VIDEO)

Car designing based on 3D printing is an innovation and an opportunity for PSA Peugeot Citroën group, which formed a partnership with Divergent 3D; a company specialized in the design of 3D printed complex...

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(VIDEO) A skateboard powered by 3D printed electric ducted fans is 9000watt of awesomeness

Here is a project highly innovative, original and dangerous !! A skateboard powered by two electric ducted fans with a total power output of 9000Watt   The name of its designers: Hacksmith Industries...

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(VIDEO) Lightrider - the first 3D printed electric motorcycle 50 units at 50,000€

Here is a historical electric motorcycle, this is the first 3D printed electric motorcycle - Local Motors had already initiated the movement with the electric citycar Strati - AP Works, a German subsidiary...

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(VIDEO) Local Motors Strati - the Twizy powered 3D printed electric car

Local Motors is a new generation manufacturer based in the United States, they became famous with the Rally Fighter, a bad-ass 4x4, since, they continue to offer all kinds of funs vehicles including electric...

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(VIDEO) Empire MX6-R, the first 3D printed bicycle frame

The company Empire Cycles has just revealed the first bicycle frame printed in 3D, it is made from titanium.Starting from an existing frame, the MX6-EVO and in partnership with Renishaw, the company managed...

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Urbee: 3D printed car coming soon

Cars made from 3D printing could be the future of the automobile. Let’s discover a Canadian project who took this challenge and created a first prototype!Obama speaks of it as the "Next Industrial Revolution"....

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2012 Beijing: Qin by BYD, the brand’s second generation plug-in hybrid to replace the FD3M

Update of April 17th article with new images, including those of the "i" robot (placed on the dashboard) whose fonction is still a little vague... More infos to come with the opening of Beijing Auto Show...

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(VIDEO 3D) Brammo Empulse RR: a lap of Thunderhill in 3D

Brammo not high-tech? To prove that they are technology enthusiasts (tech geeks), the Californian brand offers us a lap of Thunderhill with Steve Atlas on the  Empulse in race specs, the RR.Filmed in GoPro3D...

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Renault’s electric vehicle line up (ZE) in 3D

Fluence, Twizy, Zoe and Kangoo Express

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