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COP21 special a 2Cv converted to electric - Green Classic

If you do not live in Paris "4 roues sous un parapluie" probably tells you nothing but this company founded by Florent Dargnies offers since 12 years tours of Paris in the legendary 2CV, a retro experience...

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ECV by PepperBlue, another electric 2CV

After the warm welcome gave to the Burton electric, a roadster based on a 2CV we started looking for another electric interpretation of the 2CV.The ECV is developed and manufactured in Germany, proposed...

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Burton Electric a Dutch "oldtimer" roadster based on the 2CV

Burton Car Company was founded in 1993 by Dimitri and Iwan Göbel  created the Burton in 2000, customizable cars, virtually every component is interchangeable. Built on the chassis of a 2CV, the Burtons...

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The new 2CV will be a DS2?

The return of the 2CV was announced earlier this week in the French newspaper La Tribune.And it is hard not to link this revelation with the DS2 sketches released last year, their lines are both so symbolic...

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