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RedE scooter



Removable batteru of 60V and 24Ah, 1 year warranty 2kW Bosch motor

    2 760,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : 2 Wheels Scooter Utility vehicles
  • Power : 3 ch





Range listed is in Eco mode, 70km otherwise. 8,5 kW peak power (11hp). The scooter is fully recyclable. Swiss price 7450CHF

    6 400,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : 2 Wheels Scooter
  • Energy : Electrique
  • Power : 11 ch
  • Torque : 17 Nm





Price listed without the battery cost

    5 000,00 €

    Prix converti, à titre indicatif

  • Type : 4 Wheels Micro City
  • Energy : Electrique
  • Power : 60 ch



(VIDEO) Xkuty One: an electric scooter design for 2800€

Here is (again) an interesting novelty coming from Spain, the Company Electric Mobility Company has developed the Xkuty One, an electric two-wheeler described as a bicycle without pedals.Its style and...

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(VIDEO) Samsonite Scooter - Micro Scootcase - the perfect hand luggage

Here is an object that isn’t exactly a novelty (released in 2011) but - because of the democratization of this means of transportation at all ages and the real need it meets - deserves to be put back on...

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Smart eScooter to be developed with Vectrix, launch in 2014 on its way

Following the production announcement of Smart’s eScooter at the beginning of the year, Smart has just formalized a partnership with the pioneer of electric scooter, Vectrix.In a press release Daimler...

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(VIDEO) Two new electric scooters from Kymco, Candy 2.0EV, Queen 3.0EV

The Taiwanese manufacturer was for the moment absent from the market of electric two-wheelers, at least in Europe...At the 2012 EICMA, the brand has introduced two electric scooters, one already marketed...

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(VIDEO) Streetscooter also comes as a van

The Streetscooter project developed by the RWTH Aachen with a consortium of 50 companies initially focused on an affordable electric city-car.At the 2012 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, a utility...

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(VIDEO) Sym in the 3-wheeler race with an electric scooter (EX3)?

At the 2012 Intermot Show in Cologne, the Korean manufacturer Sym - the "Kia" on two-wheels with its three years or 100.000km warranty - revealed a concept of electric scooter with three wheels called...

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Voxan will return in 2013 with an electric scooter – Voxan Wattman

We often announced our hopes for the return of Voxan, a brand owned by Venturi since 2010. At the 2012 Paris Motor Show, Gildo Pastor announced the return of the legendary French manufacturer of motorbikes...

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Govecs’ first electric scooter with removable battery (GO S1.4)

The Govecs GO S1.4 is the first electric scooter of the brand with a removable battery. In addition to this feature, it has some undeniable advantages. The battery weighs 15 kilos which will allow users...

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Bosch to produce motors for electric scooters with the Chinese Ningbo-Polaris

The automotive supplier Bosch and the manufacturer of electric scooters, Ningbo-Polaris will partner to offer motors in a market that grew by 6% last year.The companies Bosch and Ningbo Polaris will create...

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(VIDEO) Electric scooter, BMW confirms its ambitions with a new prototype (BMW C Evolution)

After the BMW Concept-e prototype that gave life to the C600 and C650GT maxi-scooters, the Bavarian brand reaffirms its commitment to electric mobility with the C Evolution, a vehicle closer to a pre-production...

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