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Geneva 2013: Audi A3 plug-in - over 200hp and 2l/100km?

It is not a secret, Audi strongly believes in electric mobility, although the 100% electric models do not seem to be a priority, several hybrid models are already available (A6 - A8-Q5) and the next generation,...

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Geneva 2013: Rinspeed microMAX in the future we will travel upright

Once again, before the 2013 Geneva Motor Show opens its doors, Rinspeed unveils a new concept-car after submarines, range extender trailers for Smart ED (Dock + Go) or beach vehicle, the BamBoo, Frank...

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Geneva 2012 : Hyundai’s next compact-car features a range extender (i-oniq)

After the first teaser here is a image gallery of the concept revealed by the Corean brand at the 2012 Geneva show.Two interesintg facts to notice, for the first time Hyundai fits a range extender to a...

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(VIDEO) Green cars from 2012 Geneva live reveals

For the 2012 Geneva Motor Show we uploaded no less than 27 videos on your favorite YouTube channel, here is a selection of the reveals from the most anticipated to the most surprising!Toyota Yaris hybride...

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Geneva 2012: Valmet presents the Dawn electric vehicle concept

Well known as a subcontractor to build cars, Fisker and (RIP) Think City. For the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, the industrial company wanted to show its skills and reveals a NIV (non identified vehicle) coming...

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(VIDEO) Geneva 2012: Tata Megapixel, the smallest range extender in the world?

Last year Tata revealed the Pixel, a concept designed to replace the Nano city car in Europe, here is its four-seat version, the Megapixel that foreshadows the next generation of Nano, imagined for Europe.  More...

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(VIDEO) Geneva 2012: Toyota FT-Bh concept, hybrid city-car of the future

Toyota just unveiled the FT-Bh, this concept by the Japanese manufacturer is a prototype of what we could expect of tomorrow’s hybrid car. The concept announces amazing specs, for instance a drag coefficient...

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(VIDEO) Geneva 2012: Mia Rox, the tailor-made Mia electric

The Mia Rox is more than a concept-car and announces the opening of the customization program for the Mia Electric…Mia Electric presented a surprise at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, concept-car in a way,...

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(VIDEO) Geneva 2012: series model of the Renault Zoe revealed paired with a sweet price!

Here it is, the first full-electric city car of Renault, the Zoe, the french brand just unveiled the production version at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. In terms of specifications, Renault claims a battery...

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(VIDEO) Geneva 2012 : Polo BlueGT

Today at the Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen unveils the 2012 Polo BlueGT which introduces for the first time on a VW vehicle the cylinder shut off technology that already exists on Audi’s cars.The BlueGT...

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