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Vehicle tested in fleets and car-sharing programs

  • Type : 4 Wheels Micro
  • Energy : Electrique
  • Power : 63 ch
  • Torque : 163 Nm



(VIDEO) AutoLib: Paris' electric carsharing service starts in Paris

AutoLib starts today in Paris, here is a video introduction.

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Map of Paris' Carsharing service, AutoLib

Today is the official launch of Paris's CarSharing service.We offer you the essential map of the current and future locations of Paris electric carsharing service launched in partnership with the Bolloré...

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(VIDEO) Quicar car-sharing by Volkswagen

Today Quicar was officially launched in Hanover.The first cars will be available within two weeks, 200 Golf BlueMotion within the Quicar offer and 70 other vehicles for "Quicar Plus."Quicar is short term...

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Carsharing: launch of Car2Go in Lyon planned for 2012

After Auto Bleue in Nice and Autolib' in Paris (not to mention the pioneer YeloMobile in La Rochelle) it is now the turn of Lyon to launch a car sharing service.Daimler has just announced a partnership...

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(VIDEO) New York launches its bike sharing program next summer

The City of New York announced the arrival of a fleet of 10,000 bikes, as many as 60 stations to facilitate intermodality in the city.Proposed last year, the project took a year to gather the necessary...

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(REPORT) All the car-sharing services in France and worldwide

This file is a draft and will be updated regularly.For now its purpose is to list all the companies positioned in this segment: car-sharing or hour rental to develop intermodality.Between individuals-Deways-CitizenCar-Voiturelib-Buzzcar-Livop-KeyLibRental...

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Car sharing: Connect by Hertz becomes Hertz on Demand

To better compete with ZipCar in the United States and car-sharing services that start in Europe, the rental company changed its name and expands its offer:Keyless entry, 24/7 assistance, loyalty program,...

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(VIDEO) Expansion of Car2Go: Amsterdam announces electric car sharing program

After the launch of AutoBleue in Nice, France this Saturday, Amsterdam announced today the launch of its car sharing program with more than 300 Smart ED (electric) that will be available before the end...

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(VIDEO) Launch of AutoBleue, electric car sharing program in Nice

Officially launched by Christian Estrosi (mayor of Nice) yesterday, AutoBleue is one of France’s first large scale car sharing service with electric cars, it has been developed in partnership with Veolia...

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(VIDEO) BMW launches car-sharing program with Sixt

The two companies recently formed a joint venture owned at 50% by both entities giving life to the brand and the service DriveNow for unparalleled flexibility in the rental of premium vehicles.BMW provides...

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