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Vehicle tested in fleets and car-sharing programs

  • Type : 4 Wheels Micro
  • Energy : Electrique
  • Power : 63 ch
  • Torque : 163 Nm



(VIDEO) Toyota iQ EV - Scion iQ EV car sharing as destiny

Update of October 18th article with the first video of the Scion iQ EV.We presented the final version of the Toyota iQ Electric (sold under the Scion brand in the USA) just before the Paris Salon, a vehicle...

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China in the era of electric car-sharing

The Chinese manufacturer of EV and electric bicycles, Kandi will offer their cars as part of a leasing program to the 9M people of Hangzhou city. The price of this all-inclusive leasing offer is hard to...

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Citroën launches electric car-sharing in Germany (Multicity)

Citroën is about to launch its first car-sharing system with electric vehicles in Germany. The service will use some Citroen C-Zero. Its "travel facilitator", the website Multicity will also complement...

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Citroen has just invented the car that makes money: C-Zero, Multicity and car-sharing

During a press conference this afternoon, Citroen has announced they were extending the Muliticity service with an offer of leasing at 90 € / month! Let’s say it again, € 90 per month!!This offer allows...

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Twizy Way : Renault's 2-seater EV now officially in QR code car-sharing test program

We announced it in preview last April, Renault officially revealed today the launch of their Twizy–sharing program. The project initially called Twizy Mobility, is finally dubbed Twizy Way and will available...

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The "Mia Electric" available in car sharing

The company "Poitou-Charentes Auto-Partage" has just been created this week to operate a fleet of electric cars available for the public and the local company "Mia Electric” has been chosen for this service. Indeed,...

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Already 100 000 rentals for Autolib Paris’ EV sharing program

After Nice’s Autobleue which just celebrated their first birthday, it's the turn of Autolib launched last December to reach a total of 100,000 locations. Success is high despite some damages on the cars,...

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A Peugeot electric van for the disabled people available for car-sharing in Nice, France (Autobleue - Powered by Venturi)

After the electric Citroën Berlingo special record "Shanghai to Paris" and recently the "Mission Africa" vehicle, Venturi developed a Peugeot Expert "Powered by Venturi" designed to ease the mobility of...

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Twizy Mobility: halfway between Car2Go and AutoLib ', Renault EV-sharing program

During an interview with Thierry Viadieu, head of the New Mobility Program Department at Renault, we learned that Renault is working on a car-sharing service with the Twizy named Twizy Mobility. Similarity...

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(VIDEO) AutoLib: Paris' electric carsharing service starts in Paris

AutoLib starts today in Paris, here is a video introduction.

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