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Beijing 2012: The Roewe E1 electric city car available soon in China, renamed Roewe E50!

The Chinese carmaker Roewe is about to launch its small electric car named the E50. They hope to sell a thousand units per year.   Roewe presented the E1 concept two years ago and since exhibited it in...

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(VIDEO) Geneva 2012: Toyota FT-Bh concept, hybrid city-car of the future

Toyota just unveiled the FT-Bh, this concept by the Japanese manufacturer is a prototype of what we could expect of tomorrow’s hybrid car. The concept announces amazing specs, for instance a drag coefficient...

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(VIDEO) SCI HyMOD, a modular hybrid city car concept that welcomes 6 passengers for € 25,500

The SCI hyMOD is a modular concept of eco-vehicle, it can accommodate either a 100% electric or hybrid range extender module.The base of the vehicle remains the same, a versatile 4.1m long and 1.68 high...

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Geneva 2012: Toyota FT-Bh an hybrid citycar concept (+ Diji, NS4 and Yaris Hybrid)

This is the first teaser of this concept to be revealed at the Geneva show this year, between, the stars of Tokyo and Detroit motor show, the Fun-Vii -now presented as the Toyota Diji-and the NS4 that...

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Catecar, the micro electric car with range extender from Switzerland

Vehicle created in the framework of the project « Swiss Green High Tech Urban Vehicle » the first Catecar prototype started initial tests tested Catecar from today on the tarmac of Geneva airport.Integrator...

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Citroen DS1, the three cylinder mini city-car, first renderings

Forget the rumors of DS2 based on the Revolt concept, here is the DS1, 3 doors counterpart of the C1, the DS1 is expected in Spring 2012.With only 3.6m long (35cm less compared to the DS3) it is based...

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(VIDEO) Belumbury Dany the new italian electric city car

Following Tazzari’s footsteps -an italian company that offers a two-seater electric car- another local company is launching an electric car, a four seater one.The Belumbury Dany is a city especially designed...

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VW Scooter, 1986’s microcar

Here is a cool curiosity, a prototype of three-wheeler introduced by VW in 1986. Powered by a 90hp 1.4l engine it was able to reach 220kph, with a weight of only 635kg and a drag coefficient of 0.25, the...

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Electric city car: the REVA NXR on sale within six months

Here is a welcome confirmation after months of silence.Rajan Wadhera Director of R&D and electric vehicles has announced last week that Mahindra Reva will officially launch the NXR within 6 months."We...

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And if BMW designed an electric micro-car (BMW i1)

Pure product of a designer’s imagination or actual project for the brand?Too early to tell if the extension of the range "i" is already on the agenda ...But these initial renderings are quite interesting,...

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