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Vehicle tested in fleets and car-sharing programs

  • Type : 4 Wheels Micro
  • Energy : Electrique
  • Power : 63 ch
  • Torque : 163 Nm



(VIDEO) Bolloré to launch an electric car-sharing service in the United States

The French group Bolloré is about to setup the largest offer of electric car-sharing in the US. The city of Indianapolis will host the service that for the first time won’t their own vehicles, the Bluecar...

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(VIDEO) Citibike, New York goes bike-sharing

The city built for automobiles has discovered the joys of self-service bicycles Monday. For the occasion the service was free and nearly 5,000 of the 6,000 bikes available have been tested that day.The...

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(VIDEO) Motit – electric scooter sharing launched in Barcelona!

Motit is a new solution of scooter-sharing in Barcelona but also and especially an electric scooter designed specifically for this use by the company Core in partnership with Going Green, operator of the...

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(VIDEO) We take a ride in the iQ EV – 19 cars arrive to Taiwan in car-sharing by the end of April

After introducing the Toyota iQ EV and announced that it wouldn’t not be sold, Toyota launches a second experimental program of its electric city-car, this time in Taiwan.During the 2013 EV Taiwan show,...

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Renault Twizy’s car-sharing scheme goes to Germany (Twizy Way)

Following the launch of the service in the Yvelines, greater Paris region, under the name Twizy Way, Renault is just about to launch a car-sharing service with Twizys in Germany, Ruhr.This test project...

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Official, Bluecars coming to Bordeaux for ev car-sharing by the end of 2013

Following a previous article announcing some discussions between the Bolloré Group and the city of Bordeaux, the official agreement happened yesterday, the BlueCars will start in car-sharing scheme in...

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70 Toyota i-Road in a car-sharing scheme for 2014 in France

The city of Grenoble will launch in partnership with Toyota and EDF, a system of electric micro-car car-sharing that will be tested over a period of three years from the end of 2014.Toyota will be the...

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Ford2Go: Ford launches its own car-sharing scheme in Germany

Ford just launched Ford2Go a car-sharing service to increase mobility and allow potential customers to try its vehicle in real life conditions.Certainly Germany is a land of innovation regarding mobility...

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(VIDEO) Applus IDIADA iShare - car-sharing bound EV prototype

Here is Applus IDIADA’s latest demonstrator, a two-seater electric vehicle designed for car-sharing.We presented the company last May, a Spanish consulting company specialized in engineering that revealed...

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(VIDEO) Ha:mo, Toyota starts electric car-sharing with the COMS in Japan

Update of October 1st article with new images and a video introduction to the serviceThe first test phase of the "Harmonious mobility network" or Ha:mo began today in Japan. This service is divided in...

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