Autonomous cars

Autonomous cars the industry's challenge in the 21st century


The automotive industry is changing, one of the main issues is obviously cleaner vehicles but also driverless driving or autonomous driving!


From driving aids to autonomous driving


This trend began with simple driving aids that will spread more and more, particularly on cars of small range of urban-type (alarms. The combination of these technologies provides intelligent vehicles that support you but not yet autonomous


Autonomous cars


Manufacturers and new companies that emerge in the sector are a race that will reference technology, there is a theoretical part and a practical part or vehicles should learn actual traffic conditions to evolve the algorithm. Autonomous cars are equipped with sensors, radar and camera (LIDAR)


The main actors


Tesla is the most advanced in terms of deployment of the fleet with the Model S users who are all "beta testers"

Volvo started with trains and cars that has recently allied with Uber

Google and its self-driving cars that cover the US land

Renault has presented an autonomous prototype called Zoe NEXT TWO

Ford with its prototype Ford Fusion hybrid


And a whole series of actors you can find here