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First test of this French made LMX 161-H, a super light all-terrain electric motorcycle

At this project’s origin, two young French engineers Adam Mercier and Lucas Suteau who wanted to create a machine close to a downhill mountain bike whose performance would be close to an 85cc dirtbike.   Without...

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(VIDEO) Passenger Drone, a new air taxi revealed!

While car manufacturers are launched in the race to the autonomous car, it is perhaps in the air that the transport revolution will take place with passenger drones, here is the latest one by the company...

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2017 Tokyo Auto Show, a self-balanced electric motorcycle and a world first electric sports-car

The Tokyo Motor Show is obviously the reference show for Japanese manufacturers and while they presented us their Honda Urban EV concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in world premiere, it is two world first...

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(VIDEO) Borgward Isabella, an electric sedan with a gracious design! IAA

Don't be fooled by the diamond logo, this is not a Renault but a forgotten brand that reborns, Borgward a German brand abandoned in 1961, recently taken over by Chinese investors that envisionned a stylished...

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(VIDEO) Renault SYMBIOZ, the car becomes an ecosystem! IAA

Here is the Renault concept for the Frankfurt IAA 2017 show, and it is more than a concept car, manufacturers now envision life concepts, a lifestyle and an ecosystem of the future where the car is placed...

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IAA 2017 Honda Urban EV Concept, Honda goes for the retro look for its first electric vehicle

At the occasion of the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show IAA, Honda presents two new electrified vehicles an electric city car with a neo-retro look and a hybrid version of its SUV, the CR-V.   Honda Urban EV...

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(VIDEO) Frankfurt 2017: the show of the autonomous vehicle! IAA

This year, it seems that all the manufacturers are in tune and make us step into a future (not so far away) with autonomous concept-cars from Audi, Renault, Toyota, Smart, Honda, Jaguar... Going from today...

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(VIDEO) Volkswagen ID Crozz, third electric ID, the SUV!

After the VW ID and then the recent announcement of the ID Buzz’s production, here is the inevitable SUV of the ID range, the full electric vehicles from VW. After the reveal of the ID Crozz Concept in...

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(VIDEO) Hybrid Hypercar: Mercedes Project One the superlative of downsizing costs 2.7 million €!

While we could have expected a race to power for this new hybrid hypercar it is in the technical superlatives and downsizing that the Mercedes Project One excels with its 1000hp from a 1.6l V6!   Revealed...

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(VIDEO) Electric Jaguar: E-Type Zero and Future Type, the link between past and future!

Jaguar has just revealed a prototype and a concept-car, the first is an electric EType developed by the Jaguar Land Rover Classic department, the other is a futuristic vision of the automobile in 2040.   Jaguar...

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