(VIDEO) New record for Kleenspeed at Laguna Seca

After the Mission R from Mission Motors which took the lap record for an electric motorcycle last week, KleenSpeed succeeded in improving his record of 3.65seconds during the 2011 edition of the Refuel Races, with 1: 38,858 on board the EV -X11.


It becomes once again the fastest electric race car on the track (the previous record with the WX-10 was established at 1:42.5, see our article from July 22nd, 2010)

The EV-X11 Kleenspeed in detail:
Third evolution of the prototype, the EV-X11 has been completely revised and is fitted with in house manufactured components: battery, drive train and battery management system.

The UQM engine develops 200hp and 407Nm of torque, it is powered by a 15,4 kWh battery, for a weight of only 633kg.

The EV-X11 has a top speed of 225kph

Other developments are in progress, a go-kart and a car called KAR expected for 2012, plus a prototype of electric MX-5 "Eiata"

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